Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking

You may have already heard of the torte crudiste. Desserts for which no cooking is required and for which no cooked ingredients are used. For example, in raw food cakes there are no dry biscuits that you would use to prepare the base of a cheesecake. Usually raw pies are also vegan and therefore do not contain ingredients of animal origin. For these special cakes you don't need the oven but you may need a blender powerful enough to create bases and creams. Here is a collection of recipes to prepare your raw food pies or Raw Cake.


Lemon Cheesecake

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking

To prepare the base of this lemon cheesecake you will need dry biscuits and for the filling instead a cream based on cream yogurt and organic lemons! Here is the complete recipe.

Raw carrot cake with almond cream

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


How to replace whipped cream? For example with a rich one almond cream to prepare at home. Its delicate taste will go very well with the sweetness of the carrots that you will need to prepare the base of this cake. THU the recipe to follow.

Torta cremo crudista

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking

If you love both cream cakes and desserts chocolate, this raw food recipe is really suitable for you. In fact, you will prepare a truly original two-tone raw food cake that is excellent to be enjoyed as a dessert. Remember that you will need the raw cocoa: you can find it in organic products stores. THU the recipe to follow.

Crustacea alle more

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


If you have the More freshly picked, you should definitely try this recipe. Alternatively, you can use other berries of your choice, such as blueberries or currants. You will also need walnuts, dates and cashews. THU the recipe to follow.

Raw strawberry and vanilla cake

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


Here's another one torta crudista bicolore with a double taste: strawberry and vanilla. Really very beautiful to look at and certainly amazing to taste. The base is prepared with dates and walnuts while for the cream you will need unsalted cashews. THU recipe.

Raw peach and coconut pie

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


In summer, when peaches are in season, you can easily prepare a raw food cake that includes them as an ingredient for garnish and filling. You can combine different varieties of peaches, for example nectarine peaches and snuff peaches. THU the recipe to follow.

Dates and figs plumcake

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


A delight for the palate. Dried figs, almonds and dates are just some of the ingredients.THU all the instructions to prepare this excellent dessert.

Raw blueberry pie

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


Another raw food cake to try. Also for this recipe it is very important to have the right ingredients available, starting from almonds that you will need for the base and give it cashew nuts which are the protagonists of the filling. Then garnish the cake with fresh blueberries. THU recipe.

Raw raspberry pie

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


The trick to making a smooth and soft cream for your raw food cakes is to soak the almonds or cashews in water before blending them with the other ingredients. For this raw food cake you will also need cashews, agave syrup and a berry of vanilla. You will use i fresh raspberries both to prepare the cream and to garnish your cake. THU recipe.

Torta crudista al cacao

Raw cakes: 10 recipes without baking


In your recipe book dedicated to raw food pies you cannot miss the instructions to prepare one cocoa cake to garnish with fresh strawberries. Among the ingredients you will need coconut flour, almond flour and coconut milk, to be kept in the refrigerator to be able to take the dense part out of the jar. THU all instructions.

: Linda Wagner

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