Ravioli and tortellini: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes for filled pasta

We can revisit the tradition of preparing homemade ravioli and tortellini proposing new recipes in a vegetarian and vegan key. In fact, fresh pasta lends itself to numerous variations for the filling, suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. In addition, for those who are vegan or are looking for lighter recipes, here is the possibility of preparing the dough for the home fresh pasta, for example for ravioli and tortellini, without adding eggs. In fact, a dough made with water, semolina flour (or another suitable flour of your choice) and salt will be fine to obtain excellent ravioli, tortellini or other shapes suitable for filled pasta.

Here is a collection of vegetarian recipes and vegan to prepare ravioli, tortellini and more at home and to please all your guests.


Vegan steamed ravioli

If you like oriental cuisine, try making your own at home steamed ravioli. For the dough you can choose wholemeal flour, while for the filling give preference to ingredients such as cabbage, carrots and sprouts. THU the recipe to follow.

Sardinian ravioli stuffed with potatoes (culurgiones)

Prepare your Sardinian ravioli stuffed with potatoes at home, originating in the Sardinian tradition, for the dough you will need both semolina flour and soft wheat flour, while for the dressing you will need fresh tomato sauce. Here is the complete recipe.

Pumpkin tortelli

With type 1 flour you can prepare the dough for your pumpkin tortelli, while for the filling you will need: pumpkin pulp, walnuts, grated parmesan and rosemary. You can dress them as you like with the sauce you prefer.THU recipe.

Ravioli with ricotta and spinach

: Very tasty

Here is one of the typical preparations for homemade ravioli. It is about the ravioli with ricotta and spinach, which you can make starting from both the dough and the filling, choosing the variants you prefer. Here is a recipe from which to take inspiration.

Ravioli stuffed with green beans

Light and tasty, these ravioli stuffed with green beans can be served with a delicate sauce that does not cover the flavor, such as butter and sage, courgette pesto or one made with fresh tomatoes and basil. Here is the complete recipe to follow step by step.

Seitan ravioli in broth

You can prepare the dough for these ravioli at home with rice flour and then proceed with the filling based on seitan, carrots, potatoes and turmeric. An extra exotic touch: season the seitan ravioli with a pinch of cinnamon and chilli. THU recipe.

Cappelletti la tua cittàgnoli in turmeric vegetable broth

: Fine Dining Lovers

You can prepare the cappelletti your city in broth with completely vegetable dough and filling. With carrots, celery, pumpkin, potatoes and daikon you can prepare an excellent vegetable broth for cooking. Here is the recipe to follow.

Vegetarian tortelli with robiola cheese and herbs

: Ginger and Tomato

If you are looking for an idea for a vegetarian filling for yours homemade tortelli, try the combination of robiola and herbs. Also prepare fresh pasta at home for your tortelli. THU the recipe to follow.

Tortelli with potatoes, tomatoes and basil

: Go to the kitchen

If you are looking for a simple filling to prepare yours tortelli in a vegetarian version, choose the potatoes to combine with the basil and season the dish with tomato sauce. THU the recipe to follow.

Tofu and spinach ravioli with walnut sauce

: Mamma Veg

Finally, you can prepare a simple filling for yours vegan ravioli with tofu and spinach to which you will combine a dressing based on walnuts, sesame seeds and poppy seeds. THU the recipe to follow.

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