Race Time Calculation

This page shows an automatic calculator capable of predicting the race time over a given distance, based on the travel time of a recent race of known length.

Enter your details and find out the predicted race time.


Length of a recent race: kilometers
Race time (hours: minutes: seconds) ::
Length of the race you want to calculate the time for: kilometers
Predicted race time (hours: minutes: seconds): ::

PLEASE NOTE: to insert decimals in the distance use the point (eg 6.2 kilometers); do not use the comma.


  • The calculator assumes that the subject is adequately trained for the race distance for which he wants to estimate the travel time. For example, a beginner who runs 2000 meters in 8 minutes will most likely not be able to run a marathon in 3 hours and 22 minutes without specific preparation. More generally, the less accurate the result is, the greater the difference between the length of the race recently traveled and that of the race for which you want to calculate the time.
  • Estimation can be inaccurate for individuals who are physically predisposed in a rather significant way to endurance or speed. For example, an Olympic athlete who runs 1500 meters in 3 ': 30 "certainly won't run 10.000 meters in 26:08!
  • The results are reliable for distances greater than or equal to 1500 meters. They also lose reliability beyond 4 hours.


  • The test uses Peat Riegel's formula: T2 = T1 x [(D2/D1)1.06] where:
    • T2 = Predicted Race Time
    • T1 = Known race time
    • D2 = Race distance for which you want to calculate the travel time
    • D1 = Known race distance
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