Quinoa burger: 10 vegetable recipes for all tastes

Vegetable burger to the Quinoa, here's how to prepare them. There Quinoa it is an ingredient rich in vegetable proteins and mineral salts, with nutritional properties more similar to those of legumes rather than cereals, even if in the kitchen it is used and cooked just like a cereal.

You can choose quinoa as the main ingredient to prepare your own homemade vegetable burger, together with boiled legumes, cooked potatoes and carrots, grated or diced seasonal vegetables. Here is a collection of recipes to prepare i quinoa veggie burgers.


Vegan and gluten-free quinoa burger

Quinoa is completely gluten-free. So you can use it to prepare a burger that is at the same time free of ingredients of animal origin and gluten free. Among the other ingredients, all of plant origin, you will need beetroot and chickpea hummus. THU the complete recipe.

Quinoa and bean burger

You can prepare yours burger vegetale combining the beans with quinoa. The bean puree will help you tie all the ingredients together, including almonds, cherry tomatoes and friggitelli, paprika and herbs in your hometown. THU the complete recipe.


Quinoa and zucchini burger

In the preparation of your vegetable burgers you can choose different vegetables according to the seasons. In spring and summer, the zucchini, to which you will add carrots, parsley, basil and corn flour. THU the complete recipe.


Quinoa burger with carrots and potatoes

Le boiled potatoes and mashed in this veggie burger will help you mix and bind all the other ingredients, along with the carrots. You will also need cooked quinoa, courgettes, salt, cooking oil and breadcrumbs. THU the complete recipe.


Quinoa burger with sesame seeds

With the quinoa, i Sesame seeds and many fresh and seasonal vegetables cut into cubes you can prepare excellent vegetable burgers that will appeal to friends and the whole family. They will also serve cannellini beans, turmeric and herbs in your city, perhaps from your garden. THU the complete recipe.


Veggie burger with quinoa and broccoli

You can prepare a veggie burger by combining broccoli and cauliflower florets with quinoa. You will also need boiled potatoes, finely chopped coriander, organic oat flakes and chilli if you love the spicy taste, otherwise you can omit this ingredient. THU the complete recipe.


Quinoa burger with paprika

Among the ingredients you can choose to flavor yours Burger alla quinoa here she is paprica. You can use spicy paprika or smoked paprika, depending on your taste. You will also need potatoes and carrots to boil or steam. THU the complete recipe.


Quinoa and vegetable burger

To prepare these 100% vegetable quinoa burger choose a mix of seasonal vegetables to cut into cubes or grate. To make the burger, you will need boiled quinoa and cooked cannellini beans. Salt, pepper and turmeric to flavor, extra virgin olive oil for cooking. THU the complete recipe.

Quinoa and amaranth burger

Here is a very special vegetable burger that you can prepare by combining quinoa withamaranth. You will find both ingredients easily in health food stores and some supermarkets. You will also need some seasonal vegetables to complete the preparation. THU the complete recipe.


Quinoa and walnut burger

You want to combine nuts with yours quinoa veggie burger? So here is the idea of ​​choosing walnuts to give crunchiness to your preparation. They will also serve brown rice, whole wheat flour, water and extra virgin olive oil. THU the complete recipe.


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