Quick first courses: easy-to-make vegetarian recipes in spring

Recipes vegetarian to delicious and quick first courses? In spring, with so much good and colorful vegetables that there is, you will be spoiled for choice. And of easy recipes to bring to the table of spring first courses there are really many. By choosing the right ingredients, the classic pasta dish can turn into a riot of goodness, even by quickly combining what you have available.

Here is a collection of vegetarian recipes to prepare quick and easy first courses.


Turmeric bulgur with agretti

Turmeric bulgur with agretti, a colorful and tasty spring first course. A recipe with a delicate and well-balanced taste that recalls the spicy flavors of Indian culture and that allows you to fully enjoy the so-called "friar's beard". Here the complete recipe.

Pasta with asparagus

Must of the first days of spring are undoubtedly the asparagus (but hurry up because they finish immediately!). Baked au gratin or simply blanched and seasoned, asparagus is the tastiest in this period. Since they need to cook fairly quickly, pasta with asparagus is ideal for cooking in minutes. Here the complete recipe.


Pasta with friggitelli

I friggitelli peppers, also known as peperoncini friggitelli, friarielli or puparuoli friarelli, are small sweet green peppers, typical of Campania cuisine and of your central country. Pasta with friggitelli is absolutely easy to prepare and is a very tasty first course. Here the complete recipe.

Pasta with green radicchio pesto

Il green radicchio it is a spontaneous spring herb and is in fact a variety of chicory. So it seems that the term radicchio derives mostly from its flavor bitter. Green radicchio pesto is an excellent and fresh condiment for pasta. Here is the recipe for green radicchio pesto.

Pasta with Genoese pesto

In spring and summer who says no to an excellent Genoese pesto? Obviously, this is also best done at home by yourself with an abundance of basil that will perfume your whole house. Then add a lot of pasta, maybe wholemeal. Here the recipe for Genoese pesto with ten vegan variants!

Risotto Alle Nettles

In case of anemia o iron deficiency stock up on nettles! Rich in trace elements and by remineralizing propertiesin fact, nettle is also suitable for those with arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Excellent in a risotto. Here is the recipe for risotto with nettles.


Spiced basmati risotto

Strictly fresh carrots and peas for this spiced basmati rice recipe for which you can also use wholemeal basmati rice. Its characteristic flavor makes it suitable for pairing with different ones spices,, in fact, here we add cumin, paprika and pepper. Here the complete recipe.

Spelled linguine with courgette flowers

If you have beautiful fresh courgette flowers available, you can't help but prepare this recipe for a very quick pasta to prepare based on spelled and cherry tomatoes. Here is the complete recipe for spelled linguine with courgette flowers.


Wholemeal spaghetti with caper, courgette and ginger sauce

To prepare a quick and easy summer first course to serve, maybe even cold, follow our recipe for wholemeal spaghetti with caper, courgette and ginger sauce. The zucchini and capers they will offer a fresh summer flavor and with the extra touch thanks to lemon juice and powdered ginger. Here is the complete procedure.

Vegetable couscous

It is certain that the cous cous it can very well be counted among the first courses. By now, we find precooked couscous (also wholemeal), on sale in most supermarkets, so preparing this type of cous cous is really simple e Quick. Here is the vegan recipe for couscous with vegetables.


Risotto pasta with onions

If you love Borrettane onions, this recipe is a good idea for a simple and tasty spring first course. The peculiarity of this pasta risotto with onions lies in its cooking method, the pasta is in fact cooked together with the sauce, just like with risottos. Here is the complete recipe to follow.

Vegan strawberry risotto

An original first course with a slightly sweet taste, the vegan strawberry risotto, a typically spring recipe, is simple to make, in the vegan version you will need a few simple ingredients to bring to the table a dish that will surely amaze your diners. For the complete recipe see here.


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