Quick first courses: 15 easy recipes to try

You are looking for ideas for making gods quick first courses? With ours easy recipes you can bring to the table quick and easy first courses to prepare in every season by choosing the right ingredients.

To vary the classic pasta dish you can choose as a sauce a quick sauce made by you with fresh ingredients depending on what you have available. In winter, vegetable creams and purées are among the quickest dishes to prepare.

Also experiment with the use of different cereals, such as millet and barley, always to bring variety to your table and in your diet. For a rich first course, combine cereals, vegetables and legumes.

Here is a collection of recipes to prepare gods quick and easy first courses.



Quick chickpea cream

Quick chickpea cream is one of the simpler and faster first courses that you can prepare using chickpea flour and hot water or vegetable broth, and then garnish everything with rosemary croutons as in our recipe.

Pasta with quick seasoning

There are many i sauces and pasta toppings that we can really prepare at home in 5 minutes without resorting to packaged products. For example, pesto with basil and zucchini or pesto with radicchio and walnuts are very quick because you only have to blend the raw ingredients with a little oil.

Vegetable couscous

Couscous is a dish that it really gets ready in 10 minutes. In fact, just cover the couscous with boiling water so that it rehydrates and in the meantime sauté the vegetables or legumes to season it.

Pasta with eggplant and ginger, in your city with mint

Vegetable spaghetti

With the special spiral tool you can quickly prepare your vegetable spaghetti to be served raw or boiled or even sautéed together with a quick homemade sauce.

Vegetarian carbonara

Pasta alla carbonara is a recipe that can be easily re-proposed in a vegetarian version. You could use, instead of traditional ingredients, cubes of zucchini, carrots, tofu or seitan to prepare a fantastic vegetarian carbonara.

Barley with vegetables

The orzotto is simply a variant of risotto that you can prepare by replacing the rice with barley grains. For the dressing we advise you to choose the seasonal vegetables you prefer, such as cabbage or radicchio, or courgettes and aubergines.

Quick homemade soup

You can vary the ingredients of your soups according to the season. We suggest a collection of recipes to prepare always different winter soups to be served to warm up the colder months.

Vegetable cream soup

Both with vegetables and with legumes you can prepare very creamy velvety, for example: cream of carrots and potatoes, cream of chickpeas and zucchini, cream of apples and celery. Follow our recipes.

Millet with walnuts

You want to prepare a first course that is not the usual pasta or risotto? The mile is for you. In this recipe we propose a combination not only with fresh vegetables but also with oily fruit rich in properties such as nuts and sunflower seeds for a truly complete and nutrient-rich dish. Here the complete recipe.

Baked pasta with leftover pasta

If you have some pasta left over from the night before, you can reuse it to prepare a rich but quick first course, that is, baked pasta. Add extra virgin olive oil and breadcrumbs to season and brown the dish.

Cantonese veg rice

By varying the classic Cantonese rice recipe you can easily prepare a vegetarian or vegan version of this dish to serve as a first course. For the sauce we recommend tofu, seitan and sautéed vegetables.

Pasta and beans

Pasta and beans becomes a quick preparation when we have already boiled beans available, perhaps left over from the previous day. So you can reuse them to prepare a quick and tasty dish.

Cereal salad

The cereal salad is a dish to be served cold in summer and lukewarm throughout the rest of the year. You can choose spelled, barley, buckwheat or the grain cereal of your choice and season with vegetables and legumes.

Rice salad

Rice salad is a first course or a single dish that is really easy to prepare and to vary to please everyone. Serve your healthy rice salad as a quick first course in spring and summer.

Which ones are they your recipes to prepare quick first courses?

Other recipes of quick first courses

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  • Tomatoes stuffed with bulgur in your city with turmeric

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