Quick cold appetizers beyond ham and melon

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The heat has arrived and you would like bring something fresh to the table, practical and quick to prepare for an appetizer? Then bet on quick sauces to prepare at home, raw vegetables cut into sticks and single-portion salads.

Here is a collection of quick cold appetizer recipes for you.



You can serve hummus as an appetizer of chickpeas in classic version or even in one of its variations, in order to bring this sauce to the table in various really cheerful colors. For example, you can add fresh carrots or spinach to your classic hummus. Accompany the hummus with slices of bread and croutons. Preparation will be very quick if you have some already boiled chickpeas. THU some recipes to take inspiration from.


You can accompany raw vegetables cut into sticks for yours pinzimonio - such as carrots, celery and cucumbers - with an emulsion of oil and lemon, with mustard sauce or with a homemade sauce by blending green or black olives with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. THU many ideas for pinzimonio sauces.

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Another idea to bring a fresh and quick appetizer to the table is the preparation of guacamole sauce. For the basic recipe you will need avocado, lime or lemon juice and a pinch of salt. But you can prepare guacamole in many variations. THU recipe.

Avocado sauce

To make the perfect avocado dip, you'll need to find a ripe avocado at the right point. You will make a dal sauce delicate but tantalizing flavor that it will surely win you over at the first taste. Here the complete recipe.


You can prepare the gazpacho, the famous Andalusian cold soup, in small portions to be served in small bowls as an appetizer. Summer vegetables are perfect, starting with tomatoes and then moving on to cucumbers and tomatoes. THU the recipes.

Vegetarian zucchini rolls with pistachio

You can prepare simple vegetarian zucchini rolls with pistachio by thinly slicing raw zucchini, as a filling choose a spreadable cheese. You can also use lightly grilled courgettes to be served cold anyway. Here the recipe to follow e here many recipes of vegetarian rolls from which to take inspiration.

Tzatziki sauce


Another quick idea to prepare is the tzatziki sauce, a cold Greek sauce made with yogurt and cucumbers that you can accompany with slices of bread, bread sticks or raw vegetables cut into sticks. You can prepare tzatziki sauce according to the original version or in one of its variants, even vegan. THU the recipes.


To prepare bruschetta you can indulge yourself with the ingredients to use, beyond the usual diced fresh tomato you can try your hand at preparing some DIY sauce, from radicchio pesto to pesto, or use seasonal vegetables. Here are some recipes for bruschetta from which to take inspiration.

Eggplant hummus

Are you looking for ideas to prepare a different sauce than usual? Eggplant hummus may be for you. Simple to prepare and enjoy. Perfect therefore for your aperitifs, it is strictly prepared with fresh seasonal vegetables. Here the complete recipe.

Stuffed cold tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes are a great proposition to serve as cold appetizer, a dish indeed quick to prepare if you already have leftover rice with vegetables or rice salad with which you can fill with fresh tomatoes, perhaps picked directly from the garden. Here 10 recipes from which you can take inspiration.

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