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Put Your Love in Circolo is a song by Luciano Ligabue, composed for the 1998 album Radiofreccia.

Yes, he's practically 20 years old!

However I think it is one of the most beautiful songs written by Ligabue, and to begin with we start from a very significant part of the text, where the bold is mine 😉


And you opposed the wave
And that's where you understood,
and the more you oppose it, the more it pulls you down,
And you feel at a party
So you don't have an invitation
For which you invite them now.


Luciano Ligabue is not one of the singers I listen to the most, but I certainly appreciate several of his songs.

A few days ago I listened to this song again, with new eyes, and I realized the positive message it sends.

So first of all listen to it.


You tried to understand
And you don't understand yet
Se you never stop understanding
You tried to make it understood with all your voice
Even just a piece of who you are

With anger we are born
O you become there
You who are an expert do not know it
Because what breaks you
It makes you out inside
Perhaps it starts from who you are

Put your love in circulation
Like when you say "Why not?"
Put your love in circulation
Like when you admit "I don't know"
Like when you say "Why not?"

How many lives you do not understand
And therefore you can't stand
Why it seems to you do not understand you
How many kinds of fish and strong currents
Why am I sea be as you want

Put your love in circulation
How do you do with a novelty
Put your love in circulation
Like when you say you will see
How do you do with a novelty

E you opposed the wave
And that's when you understood
That the more you oppose it, the more it pulls you down
And you feel at a party
So you don't have an invitation
So you invite them now

Put your love in circulation
Like when you say "Why not?"
Put your love in circulation
Like when admit "I do not know"
Like when you say "Why not".


Put your love in circulation: how you change your life with your own hands

Put your love in circulation as you do with a novelty.

As if to say that love is due to broadcast to others, make it spin, grow and travel.

Also because ad to love is learned only by loving. If you don't love, if you don't circulate your love, how can you learn to love?

How can I learn to paint if I don't paint? Or to play if I don't play?

Putting one's love into circulation means choose to love. Because an invitation does not happen, I send an invitation if I want it, knowingly, if I choose it.

Love is a choice. Putting yours in circulation is the most important choice, because behind every positive emotion, true and profound, there is always and only love.

Not only that, the last verse, partly reported at the beginning, I like it because it contains a very important concept: the more we resist life, the more we oppose the wave, the more we suffer, the harder we struggle and the less we learn to live.

I fully agree with this concept.

When I explained the 10 Laws of Happiness, one of them is letting go. Like when we are in the water: if we do not resist we float naturally, effortlessly.

We should learn to do this every day in life: to accept what it offers us (by refusing it, reality does not change!) and do our best, keep putting our love into circulation in the face of any challenge it touches us to live.

Ligabue also highlights how often we cannot bear other lives just because, not understanding them, it seems to us that it is they who do not understand us.

A fundamental reflection to realize that understanding, and therefore love, must come from us: from them derives our serenity and our happiness.

The message is simple: love.

To love means understand, accept, understand. And luckily every time I advise someone to better understand who they find obnoxious, they find out in that person there are more positive things than you thought.

Consider this: Others may dislike you. Means that you are a bad person and that there is nothing good in you?

Besides, even the most unpleasant person has at least someone who appreciates them. Evidently there must be something that you do not see and that these people have been able to grasp.

Even old Scrooge, considered obnoxious by all, had understanding and appreciation from his nephew, who kept inviting him to dinner for Christmas every year.

To love also means this: do not forget that in every person, without exception, there is something good.

Although it is sometimes very well hidden 😉

Finally, reading the comments to the official video, a boy wished that someone would seize the love that he should have put into circulation.

Here lies a big mistake: we must circulate our love by choice, to love, for the sake of it, and it doesn't matter if someone will take our gift or not.

In his books, Buscaglia often says a fundamental thing: we love not to be loved, but to love.

And if someone will not be able to appreciate the love you put in circulation, it's a pity for him, it means, always paraphrasing Buscaglia, that is not ready to welcome it.

But since love is the greatest thing you can give (to you and others) and that is the basis of happiness, what sense does it make to stop loving, and being well, just because someone is not ready to open up to joy?

The secret of life is not to receive or grasp, but put in circulation. And Love is the most important thing to give.

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