Purifying herbal tea and modeling cream: use them in pairs to lose weight

Unity is strength. Especially if you want to remodel yours silhouette: while the products work on the surface, on the skin, those assimilated through the herbal teas come to enhance the benefits from within, as well as increase the amount of fluids taken during the day, which, as we all know, is essential to counteract the cellulitis and to improve the results of any diet, slimming or maintenance. 

Here then are the winning remodeling couplings: herbal teas and cosmetics, suggested by Dr. Ottavio Iommelli, president of the country's Association of Phytotherapy and Phytopharmacology.

1. To dissolve fat

Herbal tea  -Have the herbalist prepare a mix with matè, guaranà, te verde, gambo d'ananas well chopped and milk thistle, all in equal parts, and drink 2 cups of infusion per day, one in the middle of the morning, as a break, and one in the afternoon. For 2-3 weeks.

The cream - «In combination with herbal teas, in the morning apply a formula with lipolytic active ingredients, such as the fucus algae and with caffeine (also derived from maté and guarana), which stimulates lipases, the enzymes that dissolve fat in cells. Also useful the alga Sphacelaria Scoparia, which has an anti-storage action, ie it limits the formation of triglycerides within the adipocyte », explains the expert. 

The gestures - Apply the creams with a open hand massage all over the body, finally focusing on the belly, where fat accumulates more easily, with these movements.

1) Lie on your stomach and place your left hand on your waist, with your fingers pointing towards your groin. Move your hand in a semicircle 6 times. Repeat with your right hand.

2) Move your hand a little lower and more in the center. Also in this position do the same movements. With both the right and the left.

3) Conclude with gentle spiral massages, from the outside to the navel and vice versa, from the navel to the outside.

2. To drain liquids

Herbal tea - Get ready a mix with hydrocotyl (leaves), spirea (flowering tops), witch hazel (leaves); birch (leaves), yarrow (flowering tops) all in equal parts. Drink a cup of infusion a day, in the morning before breakfast or in the evening, one hour before dinner, for 1-2 months.

The cream - In the evening, apply a product with St. John's wort oil, arnica, witch hazel, rusco, red vine or with horse chestnut vegetable liposomes, which help venous and lymphatic circulation, drain and decongest.

The gestures - By a draining massage on the legs, more prone to water retention, sit on the bed or in a chair in a comfortable position.

1) Spread a small amount of cream on the foot and massage it thoroughly over the entire surface.

2) Apply a nut on the ankle and massage from the bottom up. Repeat on the top, from the knees to the groin, gently insisting on the popliteal fossa (the hollow behind the knees).

3) Repeat on the other leg.

The abc of the perfect infusion

Reminder for the preparation of the infusion: pour boiling water over thechopped grass (leaves, flowers and other tender parts), inside a container which is then covered. The doses are 2-3 g of mixture or single herb in 100 ml of water. The infusion time is about 15 minutes, after which it is filtered with a colander. 

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