Purify karma with Buddhist laws

Purify karma with Buddhist laws

Cleansing karma means eliminating patterns, visions, and actions from our lives that cause us to become indebted to destiny. Cleansing karma means eliminating patterns, visions, and actions from our lives that cause us to get into debt with destiny. In short, both the negative and the positive return to the creator.

Last update: February 22, 2021

The concept of karma is one of the most beautiful in Buddhism. We may or may not agree with this philosophy, but it is undoubtedly an interesting orientation for life. Not everyone knows that Buddhists also speak of the laws to purify karma. These include wonderful teachings.

For Buddhism, clearing karma means assuming attitudes and taking actions to remedy past mistakes or mistakes. In other words, to recover those symbolic debts that we have had for some time and that we have not paid.

According to this philosophy, karma manifests itself as negative randomness. In reality it is not the result of chance, but the effect of our past actions. Cleansing karma frees us from the seeming randomness that difficult situations or experiences bring with them. All this is governed by the following 12 laws.

"History repeats itself until we learn the lessons needed to change our path."

-Author unknown-

The essential law for purifying karma

The essential law of karma says, in short, that we reap what we sow. What happens, then, when the best has not been sown? An attempt is made to undo the damage done. In this way one can purify karma, even if in part.


Each of us creates a vision of the world and this determines the experiences we live. Knowing that, orient your vision in a constructive way.

Choose to see the good and let it orient your experiences towards the good.

Humility, one of the laws to purify karma

Nothing belongs to you. Neither the objects nor the goods you buy. Even fewer people or living beings you meet along your path.

Understand it and act accordingly it helps to better deal with inevitable losses or separations.


The law of responsibility calls us not to blame anything or anyone for the negative events that happen to us. If something bad happens to you, take responsibility for it.

Evaluate your mistakes instead of looking for the culprits. The more responsible you are, the less karmic force there will be in your life.


The law of connection tells us that there is a link between everything that exists. To purify karma, we must be aware that our every word or action has repercussions on others and on ourselves.

Think about it when you are tempted to criticize matters that don't really concern you or about which you are not sufficiently informed.


Every change is a form of growth. At the same time, everything changes constantly. We welcome every transformation as a good that comes into our life to allow us to evolve. The less we oppose change, the easier it will be to lead a peaceful life.

Here and now

We positively tune into karma when we understand that, as we reach a goal, anticipation of the future does not take precedence over our action in the present.

It is best to focus on the present and take the right step into the here and now. Try not to abandon or despise the small daily successes.

Generosity to purify karma

You receive what you give. It is not a question of quantity, but of quality. On the other hand, giving a lot does not mean that you will receive the same or more than what you have given.

Put another way, the reward of what is offered or shared consists in the satisfaction of giving. It is this variable that in many cases regulates and reinforces the generosity of exchanges.


The law of the present invites us to consider the present moment as the most important. Live every moment in the best possible way.

The most precious thing is what is in front of you at this very moment. Believe it or not, everything else is an illusion.


The law of change states that when you keep the same actions and make the same decisions, reality doesn't change.

In reverse, if you want to change, you have to change the actions and decisions you make. If you want to get somewhere else, don't go the same way.

Patience to purify karma

The law of patience teaches us that reality follows processes that require specific times to evolve.

To purify karma it is necessary to learn to respect these times, without trying to speed them up. Being patient implies having confidence that in time the initiated processes will complete.


The law of inspiration invites us to commit ourselves totally to what we love and what we want to achieve. The body, mind and spirit must integrate and focus on what we are looking for. Don't spare your efforts and get involved as much as possible.

The Buddhist approach is based on the idea that liberation occurs by respecting the laws of karma. Nobody runs away from mistakes, but if we can get back on the path of evolution, mistakes will diminish and become a source of growth. Cleansing karma means returning to our center.

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