Psyllium fiber, how to take it

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Psyllium fiber (or seeds): what it is and where it is found

La psyllium fiber it is obtained from the seeds of a plant called plantago psyllium or plantago ovata. The seeds are very small and can be used whole or the fiber can be found separate from the body of the seed. In this last case, the advantages of taking psyllium fiber are exploited by using smaller quantities of the preparation.

La psyllium fiber, like all dietary fiber, it has the ability to be beneficial to the intestines and stomach.

The fibers, in fact, have the peculiarity of behaving like gods scavengers, clearing the intestines and, in the case of psyllium fiber, rich in mucilage, they also have the option of setting up a protective and anti-inflammatory gel for irritated intestinal walls.

Le main features of psyllium fiber are therefore:

> ownership laxative natural;
> ownership inflammatory;
> ownership soothing;
> protective of the intestinal mucosa;
> capacity saziante.


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Psyllium fiber: how to take it

I psyllium seeds they are found both whole, useful in the kitchen as an occasional food supplement, and as fiber. Psyllium has few side effects, however, to be taken into consideration: excessive use can lead to flatulence, bloating, and abdominal tension.

For this reason psyllium fiber is taken symptomatically, that is, when one of the problems arises for which it is useful and indicated.

In particular psyllium fiber is consumed:

> in case of constipation;
> in case of dysentery;
> in the presence of hemorrhoids;
> with slowed intestinal transit;
> in the irritable colon;
> in case of high cholesterol;
> in case of high blood sugar.

To be hired once or twice a day, in case of fiber powder of psyllium seeds need half a teaspoon in a cup of water, in case of use of whole seeds two teaspoons are used for half a liter of water.

The fiber and the seeds, as well as being mixed with water, are to be combined with one abundant fluid intake throughout the day, to allow the mucilages to swell and carry out their function.

Once you pour the psyllium fiber into the water you leave rest for 5 minutes, and then you drink. Unsweetened apple juice or sugar-free fresh fruit juice is also fine.

To enhance thelaxative effect you can take psyllium fiber in the morning on an empty stomach, dissolving the fiber in warm water, and then waiting 10 minutes before having breakfast. This allows to regularize the intestine in a natural way.

Psyllium fibers, like all fibers, have satiating power and regulate the appetite allowing a control of hunger and body weight.

Add to this the fact that psyllium fibers regulate the absorption of cholesterol and sugars, thus being useful in cases of hypercholesterolemia e hyperglycemia.

Finally psyllium fiber powder is also useful as cosmetic: dissolved in water and left to rest it produces a mucilage useful to be used as a cleanser for problematic, acneic and irritated skin.

Using this natural gel as a mask and leaving it on for 20 minutes it counteracts the signs of aging on the skin of the face and improves its hydration.

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