Protein powder: a plant-based alternative

    Protein powder: a plant-based alternative

    Proteins are one of the three main foods, along with fats and carbohydrates, which our body constantly needs. Protein is naturally contained in a large variety of foods. The main foods that contain proteins are

    • Chicken (white meat)
    • eggs
    • Fish (tuna)
    • Fresh cheese
    • Latte
    • Greek yogurt
    • Turkey
    • Beef
    • Siero (Whey)

    Since not everyone has the ability to compensate for the daily protein intake they need, especially Bodybuilders and athletes, many nowadays are turning to protein powders. But with the awareness and the freedom to recognize that they are not indispensable.

    Protein powder, what variants are there?

    Protein powders are divided into two large groups: animal and vegetable. The plant variant is suitable for vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian diets. Some open discussions online argue that one type is more effective than the other. Understanding which expert is to be advised on others is not easy, in any case it is important to understand what is right for you.


    Best plant-based protein powders?

    If you are interested in vegetable protein powder, why does your diet require it? Some bodybuilders consider protein powder to be more of a food than a supplement and also use it to prepare meals. Having protein powder at home is not a bad idea at all, considering also that it is not necessary to take it every day as the diet is already a fact that contributes to the daily caloric intake.

    Are vegetable protein supplements bad for you?

    Excessive intake of any substance, including milk, can be harmful to our body. As demonstrated, there is a threshold beyond which ingested proteins cannot be used in protein synthesis and are disposed of by the kidneys and via urine. See the excess protein article for full details.

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