Profiteroles: calories under control

    Profiteroles: calories under control

    It is one of the most popular desserts, especially in the version with hot chocolate, but it is also very caloric, because, in addition to the cream of the cream puffs, it includes whipped cream. Not for this, however, you have to give up profiterole. Indeed, with some precautions you can indulge yourself once a week, even if you're stint.

    Ok Sunday for lunch

    If you are following a diet, the right strategy to not give up before the finish line is to establish one day a week in which to "pamper yourself" at the table. "There gratification is essential to not fail. For example, you can make Sunday your "free" day.

    A breakfast you will stay light: just indulge in a cup of green tea, which helps you lose weight, and a slice of toasted whole wheat bread ", suggests the doctor Francesca Argellati, nutrition biologist in Genoa.

    «Allow yourself the sgarro a lunch, so as not to overload the evening hours with calories, when it is more difficult to dispose of them, and plan a meal with a reduced content of saturated fats (already present in abundance in profiterole) but still tasty. You can start with a soup of legumes and whole grains, rich in fibers that modulate the absorption of lipids and sugars, continue with a portion of baked fish, which provides beneficial fats, and a plate of mixed salad ", says the expert. .

    Finally, go with the dessert, but never exceed 100g, which alone bring about 400 calories. «In the evening, I recommend a quinoa salad, rich in methionine, an amino acid capable of regulating the insulin response, and a plate of cooked vegetables, which have a lot of fiber», recommends the nutritionist.

    The healthy tip

    Prepare profiterole in the house allows you to use quality ingredients, like fresh cream instead of the industrial one of cans, or to try a lighter version of the dessert, with lean ricotta with little sugar instead of cream.

    "If you order it in a pastry shop, ask not to put the chocolate: you can add it at the moment, focusing onextra-dark with at least 80% cocoa. In this way you reduce sugars and fats », concludes the expert.

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