Prickly pears: 10 recipes to enjoy them at their best

I prickly pears they are a delicious fruit and an effective natural remedy. The consumption of prickly pears is recommended to enrich one's diet with fiber. If you suffer from constipation due to a diet low in fiber, then the prickly pear is the fruit for you.

The pulp of the prickly pear is made up of water, sugars, vitamins and minerals that give life to a mucilaginous substance that concentrates when the fruit is dehydrated. These mucilage produce the same effects as the substances contained in the pulp of dehydrated plums, helping the intestine to expel toxins.

Here is a collection of ideas and recipes to best enjoy prickly pears, to be prepared both with the fruit and with the blades of this plant.


Prickly pear gel and juice

The gel or juice extracted from prickly pear blades it is used both externally, as a cosmetic to be applied to the skin, and internally, as a health drink rich in beneficial properties. With the prickly pear shovels you can prepare an all-natural drink to refresh your summer. THU recipe.

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Prickly pear pale

Did you know that the prickly pear shovels can be eaten? That's right, with prickly pear shovels you can prepare delicious dishes. You can clean them, cook them and combine them with fresh tomatoes to season bruschetta, use them as a condiment for omelettes or sauté them in a pan. THU recipe.

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Prickly pear jam

One of the best known recipes for preserving prickly pears concerns the classic preparation of jam. You will get a very sweet and delicious jam, suitable for spreading on bread and biscuits for breakfast but also for filling homemade tarts and biscuits. THU the recipe to follow.


Prickly pear ice cream

Have you ever thought about preparing a ice cream with prickly pears? The result will be truly amazing. If you want to surprise your guests in an original way and you have prickly pears available, this is the summer recipe for you. THU all the instructions for making prickly pear ice cream.

Prickly pear peels with red onion and mulled wine

Nothing is thrown away from the prickly pear, not even the peel. With the peel of prickly pears in fact you can prepare a very special dish to be served as a side dish in which the taste of prickly pears blends with that of red onions and cooked wine. THU the recipe to follow.


Prickly pear tart

With prickly pears you can also prepare an excellent one pie that you could stuff with your homemade prickly pear jam or with diced prickly pear pulp. the basis for this tart is made with classic shortcrust pastry. THU the recipe to follow.


Prickly pear syrup

With prickly pears you can prepare a special homemade syrup. To obtain a ruby ​​red syrup you need red prickly pears, ripe at the right point, firm and free of bruises. THU the recipe to follow with photos and instructions.


Pancakes with prickly pears

Again, remember not to discard and above all to do not throw away the peels of prickly pears. In fact, they will be very useful to prepare sweet pancakes with prickly pears to be served as an alternative snack. THU the recipe to follow.


Risotto with prickly pears

With prickly pears, in particular also using the peels, you can prepare an excellent one summer risotto. It is a delicious dish with a delicate flavor with which you will amaze your guests in a truly original way. THU the recipe to follow.


Mustard with prickly pears

La mustard with prickly pears it is a preparation typical Sicilian. To prepare it, in addition to prickly pears, you will need an orange or a tangerine, a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, fennel seeds and cloves, and finally corn starch. THU the recipe to follow.

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