Pressure cooker: how to choose the best one

The pressure cooker is chosen by more and more people, especially by those who want to obtain good and nutritious dishes in a very short time. This kitchen utensil, whose history is very ancient (the first pressure cooker was born in 1679 created by the French inventor Denis Papin), in fact, has the ability to cook in a short time thanks to the high temperatures created inside. .

With a good pressure cooker you can prepare everything from vegetables to meat and even fish is delicious. For this we suggest some pressure cooker models, among which you might find the one that's right for you.

Lagostina pressure cooker

Lagostina is one of the companies specialized in the production of latest generation pressure cookers, such as the Irradial Control pressure cooker: a reinterpretation of the traditional pressure cooker. This pot is characterized by a triple Irradial Plus bottom in steel-aluminum-steel, also suitable for induction cookers, which offers perfect heat diffusion, ensuring uniform cooking, without letting the food stick to the bottom. Furthermore, the safety valve of this pot is made of double-action silicone, for greater safety. And the Lagostina Irradial Control pressure cooker comes complete with a recipe book, where you can find many ideas.

Amazon pressure cooker

Among the best pressure cookers to buy on the net, Amazon also offers the AmazonBasics stainless steel one, perfect for preparing excellent dishes in a short time. This pressure cooker, simple to use and with an excellent value for money, is able to preserve the nutrients, humidity and flavor of all dishes. Moreover, with its 6-liter capacity, it is also perfect for the preparation of soups, risottos, meat dishes even for several people.

Barazzoni pressure cooker

The pressure cooker, as anticipated, is perfect for cooking many types of dishes, maintaining all their nutritional properties. The Barazzoni pressure cooker, for example, is characterized by a two-pressure valve, the first is suitable for preparing more delicate foods, such as vegetables and rice, the second is recommended for cooking meat, fish and frozen foods. The Barazzoni pressure cooker also allows you to save up to 30 percent of time and energy, obtaining real delicacies.


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