Preserve vitamins in food

Preserve vitamins in food

How to preserve the vitamins and minerals contained in fruit and vegetables:

prepare the food shortly before cooking and do not cut more than necessary;
tearing instead of cutting leafy vegetables;
avoid immersing it and washing it in cold water;
use utensils (graters, cutlery) of stainless steel;
add the vegetables when the water has boiled;
use the minimum amount of water necessary;
do not cook more than strictly necessary;
cooking in stainless steel or pyrex containers;
avoid adding baking soda;
minimize the preparation of vegetable purees and purées;
select products free of abrasions, dents and lesions (for storage);
store in the dark in cool places.


Stages of the process Loss in vegetables Loss in fruit

Sterilization (121-150 ° C)

Up to 100% Up to 100%

Freezing process

About 50% <30%

Pre-cooking in water or steam (70-105 ° C)

10-40% Minima

Pasteurization (60-100 ° C)

Up to 20% Minimum in acidic environment (fruit juices)

Refrigeration (+ 4 ° C)

4-20% 4-20%


Remarkable, proportional to the temperature Remarkable, proportional to the temperature

Cooking frozen food

Circa 30%


Minima Minima

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