Potatoes for headaches: do they really work?

It really sounds like a joke, but the classic first natural remedy, which comes straight from grandma's drawer, would seem to work, considering the milder and more accidental cases of migraine, perhaps connected to too much heat and fatigue.

Well yes, the potato would pass the headache!


The potato for headache?

How does it all work? You have to take one nice and healthy potato of medium size, organic and possibly yellow flesh, clean it thoroughly with a cloth, without washing it, and remove the peel.

Then they are cut the slices about one centimeter high and are placed on the skin, in the painful points, such as temples, eyes, forehead, taking care to lie down in a quiet room with soft lighting.

To ensure the correct positioning of the vegetables, a band or handkerchief can be used, tying it loosely around the head; you remain relaxed for at least half an hour, freeing your mind and taking deep, deep breaths, perhaps allowing a few drops of relaxing essential oil, rose or lavender, to evaporate in the diffuser.

It works? Everyone can experience it for themselves, also knowing the origin of their migraine, surely you will have given yourself half an hour of absolute relaxation that can only help your mind and body!


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The benefits of potatoes

Experiments aside, it can be said that potatoes are the real queens of tubers: they are rich in Vitamin C, effective in limiting the damage caused by free radicals; moreover, the presence of potassium makes them an excellent help against hypertension and the loss of mineral salts.

As with many foods, this is also good do not abuse potatoes and dose them respectfully in the diet, so as not to get fat and make the most of their nutritional values ​​and properties in the recipes that Mediterranean cuisine gives us, from gnocchi to baked potatoes. Potatoes are also energy foods and are good for the stomach and stomach, soothing in case of gastritis, ulcers, colitis and hemorrhoids.


The potato in cosmetics

Rich in potassium and vitamin C, the potato is one of those porous vegetables, which are able to absorb heat accumulated.

Wraps with potato slices they are in fact also useful in cases of burns read, and the starch can be used egr moisturize dry skin.

Many are in fact natural masks that can be made thanks to potatoes, for the face but also for all those parts of the body that need deep hydration and nourishment, adding to the boiled and mashed potato a few other ingredients, such as honey, yogurt or a grated apple.


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