Potatoes: diuretic and purifying

The yellow flesh varieties are ideal fried or baked in the oven. Those with lighter or white flesh are good for mashed potatoes and dumplings. Novelle can also be tasted with the peel. "In any case, choose spotless potatoes, with the "skin" not wrinkled, firm and free of unpleasant odors », advises Lorenzo Bazzana, fruit and vegetable manager of Coldiretti. "Then keep them in the dark to prevent them from sprouting and greening, because otherwise it increases the content of solanine, an alkaloid that can cause gastrointestinal disturbances ».

«Being rich in starch, potatoes they provide the liver with the energy it needs to perform its detoxifying function in the best possible way»Explains Dr. , a nutritionist in Rome. "Also containing little sodium and a lot of potassium, they counteract fluid retention and increase diuresis." When you feel bloated, eat them boiled, unsalted, possibly combined with other vegetables.

"Thanks to the presence of potassium, potatoes are also useful for counteracting fatigue after sports: they help you replenish the lost salts and have a relaxing effect on the muscles»Says the nutritionist. If you consume them in the evening, boiled or in soup with rice, they promote a good rest, because potassium has an additional sedative and antispastic action.

They attenuate GASTRITIS
If you suffer from heartburn, finally know that potato starches buffer acidity, "As long as you don't cook them in the same pan with meat or fish: they become tasty, because they are enriched with fat, but more indigestible", concludes Anna D'Eugenio.


Umbrian Igp with light yellow pulp and rough skin, dull red. Excellent boiled, grilled or for focaccia and mashed potatoes.

IGP from Lazio, oval, ha smooth white-yellow skin and compact pulp of the same color. Ideal for gnocchi.

100 g of potatoes boiled in their skins provide 17,9 g of carbohydrates 1,6 g of fiber, 570 mg of potassium for 85 calories

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