Potato gateau: 10 recipes for all tastes

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Among the many recipes with potatoes that we can prepare at home, a classic of the classics cannot be missing: the potato gateau. It is a potato-based flan that you can enrich as desired with seasonal vegetables or with the condiments you prefer.

The traditional potato pie is a very rich recipe and is usually not vegetarian, as it contains ham and / or salami. However, it is very simple to create variations of the potato pie to meet all tastes, health needs and food choices.

In fact, you can prepare, for example, a vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free potato pie, light or with vegetables. Here is a collection of recipes to prepare the potato gateau at home that you can inspire yourself.


Light potato cake

To prepare the light potato cake we suggest you reduce the quantity of milk, eggs and cheese to add to the recipe as much as possible, use a little butter or replace it with extra virgin olive oil. Here is a recipe from which to take inspiration.


: Cook and Scuci

Vegetarian potato gateau

Il vegetarian potato pie it is prepared by enriching it with many seasonal vegetables. For example, in summer you can choose to compose your potato gateau with peppers, courgettes and cherry tomatoes. Here the recipe.


: Vanilla essence

Vegan potato gateau

The potato gateau is a very simple potato flan to prepare in vegan version. In addition to vegetables, you can stuff it with tofu and seitan cut into cubes, even in a smoked or herb version in your city. Here the recipe.


: Gustoblog

Egg-free potato gateau

If you want to prepare a potato gateau without eggs do not think it is an impossible task, in fact it is very simple. You can make your gateau very creamy thanks to the homemade bechamel, even in the vegan version. Here the recipe.

: Mamma Veg

5) Potato and zucchini gateau

One of the most practical ideas for enrich the potato gateau without weighing it down with ingredients rich in fat and calories is to simply add courgettes to the filling. Here the recipe.

: Little Chef

Potato gateau with Thermomix

Who has a kitchen robot it will be facilitated in the preparation of the potato gateau, since it will be enough to pay attention above all to the doses of the ingredients to be weighed and the programs to be selected. Here the recipe.

Potato gateau with tomato and mozzarella

A very tasty variant to prepare the potato gateau and vary the classic recipe plans to add mozzarella and tomato sauce to the ingredients and thus obtain a dish also suitable for vegetarians. Here the recipe.

Potato and carrot gateau

You can enrich yours potato gateau with carrots, parsley, pink pepper, basil, fresh cheese and mozzarella or caciocavallo. Here is an idea from which to take inspiration.

: Home cooking

Potato and lupine gateau

Here is an original idea to prepare a really different potato pie. Choose i lupins as a main ingredient together with potatoes and flavored with nutritional yeast flakes. Here the recipe.

: The Sicilian vegan

10) Gluten-free potato gateau

Finally, here is a recipe for potato gateau suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten and lactose. You will have to choose lactose-free cheese and breadcrumbs suitable for celiacs. Here is the recipe to follow.

: Almond milk

What are your favorite recipes to prepare the potato gateau?

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