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Il potassium it is a chemical element with properties antibacterial. Useful in disturbances of water metabolism, in the form of crystal it is used as a natural deodorant. Let's find out better. 

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Potassium alum stone



What is potassium

Chemical symbol: K.
From the scientific Latin potassium, (deriving in turn from potash and potash) is the chemical element of atomic number 19 in the table of elements and was discovered in 1807 by the British chemist Humphry Davy.

Il potassium it has a silvery-white color, hardness 0,5 and can be cut with a simple knife.

It exists in three natural isotopic forms, with masses 39, 40 and 41. Potassium 40 is radioactive and has an average life of 1,28 billion years while the most abundant isotope is potassium 39. It is found in large quantities in various minerals such as carnallite, feldspar, saltpetre and sylvite; it is a constituent of the tissues of plants and animals, and an excellent fertilizer.


Benefits of potassium

Potassium is useful in disturbances of water metabolism, with significant and rapid changes in weight and / or volume. In the'postmenopausal arthrosis it is associated with manganese and cobalt and with copper, gold and silver, or with sulfur and fluorine. The French school, on the other hand, associates it with magnesium and the diathesis trace element of the subject. In disorders of water metabolism it is useful to associate it with manganese and cobalt.

The stone has such a strong bond with water as the nutritional principle is strongly linked to the elimination of water and sweating. Just think that diarrhea and various ailments related to kidney problems can cause potassium deficiency. L'physical exercise practiced intensively for three hours a day it can disperse from 700 to 800 mg of potassium, eliminated by sweating. Hormone products such as cortisone and aldosterone can cause a deficiency.

Potassium deficiency can be caused by a diet low in fruit and vegetables. Refined sugar can make urine alkaline, which prevents minerals from being held in solution.

The potassium alum stone (or potassium crystal) is a natural antibacterial: rubbing the rock alum where sweating is greater, reduces the bad smell, as it inhibits the action of the bacteria that cause it.


Daily potassium requirement

The daily requirement of potassium varies slightly according to gender and age. 

  • For adults it averages around 3g per day. 
  • In children up to 3 years it is 800 mg, in children aged 3 to 6 it is 1100 mg, and 2 g up to 10 years. 
  • For pregnant or breastfeeding women it reaches up to 5 g per day.


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How to use

Il potassium stone can be used as foot bath, in cold water bathing together with your tired and swollen feet is excellent, especially for those with circulation problems. Putting in the bath is great regenerating. Some even use it as vegetable disinfectantsimply by rubbing it. In other cases, it's great disinfectant for abrasions and wounds.

Potassium can also be taken in the form of natural food or phytotherapeutic supplements, useful for water retention and for the prevention of kidney stones, or through foods that contain it such as bananas, grapes, pine nuts and legumes.

Used as a soap for washing hands, it disinfects well from enemy bacteria that sometimes the soap does not eradicate. On hands that smell of fish, garlic or onion, if washed under the tap by rubbing the crystal between your fingers, the unpleasant smell disappears completely


Curiosities and historical notes on potassium

A curiosity for boys: used as an aftershave, the potassium crystal stone eliminates the causes of skin irritation after shaving.

In some countries of the world the potassium crystal is particularly known by virtue of its firming and toning effects on the skin.


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