Potassium in food

Potassium in food

Potassium in food: why you can't do without it

Potassium is a mineral, also called mineral K, and is eliminated by the kidneys with the urine, for this reason it is important to ensure constant supplies to the body through food. The main functions of potassium are the regulation of water and liquids, the control of the heart rhythm, the supervision ofmuscle activity.

The balanced presence of potassium in our body is essential, especially during the delicate phase of growth, otherwise a potassium deficiency can lead to serious complications. Potassium, a tonic and at the same time a regulator of body balance, is a fundamental element, and must be integrated daily thanks to a correct diet. Let's see what are the foods with potassium.

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Potassium in food: where it is found

Potassium is found in various foods, let's see the main which are the main sources. Potassium in food is present in a variable way in moles vegetable (green vegetables, potatoes, soybeans, beans), fruit (oranges, apricots, bananas), meat and in other foods such as brewer's yeast and Whole grains, for instance. For a correct introduction of potassium through food, it may be useful to consult a nutritional table that shows the exact values.

Potassium: how it is assimilated

The potassium that's in food comes absorbed from the intestine and the body uses almost 90% of it. Potassium is eliminated mainly in the urine, but also in sweat and partly in the faeces. The sodium and potassium travel in equilibrium: excessive consumption of salt lowers potassium levels and impoverishes the body. Alcohol and coffee increase the elimination of potassium through the urinary tract. Consuming too many sugars also leads to a decrease in the potassium reserves in our body.


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