Post Workout Recovery: Benefits and More Effective Exercises

    Post Workout Recovery: Benefits and More Effective Exercises


    Training is important for health and psychophysical well-being. But stretching the muscles, relieving tension, is also. As well as sticking to a fitness program it would be essential to stick to a post workout recovery program also to avoid the occurrence of DOMS, post workout muscle aches.

    There are some targeted movements that, performed after physical activity and / or on rest days, give great benefits. 

    Why it is important to rest

    Post-workout recovery is important because: 

    • helps to recharge with energy;
    • promotes the elimination of fats and calories;
    • increases muscle mass;
    • allows the muscles to repair and regenerate;
    • reduces the risk of injury;
    • improves motivation.

    Post workout recovery: what activities to do

    Here are some of the best movements and activities for post workout recovery. To understand which ones to do (or whether to do them all), it is also good to ask an expert, who can recommend the best solutions for the specific case. 

    At this time, it may also be useful to resort to the Cold Water Therapy.

    Walk with the kicks upwards

    High foot kick walking is one of the best movements for relax the posterior leg chain

    How to do it: standing upright, with feet shoulder-width apart. Step forward with your right leg and kick your left leg in front of you, touching your left toe with your right hand. Then step forward with the left leg and lift the right leg, touching the right toe with the left hand. Continue for a couple of minutes. 

    Swings of the legs

    This exercise allows you to loosen the legs and "open" the hip joint, relaxing her.

    How to do them: stand near a wall or solid support. With the wall on your right side, bring your weight onto your left leg and lift your right leg in front of you, touching it with your left hand. Bring the leg over the hand, not the other way around. Then move the right leg behind you, opening the hip flexor. Repeat several times. 

    Timed race

    In the days of active post workout recovery it is important to perform movements they make get blood to the muscles to aid the repair process. To achieve this goal, timed runs are very suitable.

    How to do it: Run at approximately 60% of your maximum speed for 100 meters. Then walk 50 meters and repeat 5 times. Alternatively, you can train on a bicycle, a treadmill or an elliptical, always stretching to 60% of your possibilities for 5 times (1 minute of training, 30 seconds of cool down). 

    Plank with walk

    The plank is great not only for fitness routines but also for post workout recovery because activates the core, the arms and the posterior chain, relaxing them.

    How to do it: in an upright position. Bend your torso forward and place your hands on the floor below your shoulders. Walk with your feet back and get into the classic plank position, contracting your core. Then, walk with your feet forward, until you reach your hands. Get up and repeat. 

    Torsion of the bust

    To promote post-workout recovery, it is also important to perform flexibility and stretching exercises. Here is a very effective one.

    How to do it: sit on the floor, with your back straight, legs extended and palms resting on the ground. Bend the right knee and bring the right foot to the side of the outer side of the left thigh. At this point, bend the left leg, bringing the left foot close to the right hip. With the back straight and vertical, rotate the trunk to the right, until the left elbow is outside the right knee (forearm and hand are pointed upwards). The right hand rests on the ground behind the back, with the arm extended. Hold on for a minute and switch sides.

    Bend forward with legs apart

    This movement is great for stretch the groin and the posterior chain of the legs.

    How to do it: Get into a squatting position with legs spread, chest pushed forward and back flat. Put your hands on top of your feet: your right hand on top of your right foot and your left hand on top of your left foot. Hold the top of your feet with your hands as you lift your glutes upward, feeling an incredible stretch along the back of your legs. Remain in the stretch position for a few seconds. Then squat back to the starting position. Repeat a second time.

    Relaxation with the foam roller

    After sporting activity and in particular on rest days it would be good to perform specific myofascial release movements, which help the muscles stretch, relax and recover. To make them even more effective, it would be useful to use the foam roller, one of the best and cheapest tools to massage the muscles, stimulate circulation and relax tensions created by physical activity.

    How to use it: slide it, making it go back and forth, under the glutes, quadriceps, hips, calves, chest, back and in any other contracted part. If you find a sore spot during use, staying there, rocking back and forth and breathing is one of the best ways to relieve the discomfort. 

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