Post breakup depression: what it is, how long it lasts and how to overcome it

What is post breakup depression? How long does it last and how does it come out? If you look forward to the answers to such questions, then relax, because you are about to find them.

A romantic relationship represents a large investment in terms of time, energy and love. It also helps us to grow, completely changing our life. When there is love reciprocated, we experience one of the most beautiful experiences ever.

So, it's no wonder that once your relationship comes to an end, the feeling you get is one of absolute loneliness, deep sadness and devastating melancholy… And in some cases, such feelings take over.

In the aforementioned situations, the discomfort that one feels evolves and becomes a real post-breakup depression. This is a phenomenon that must never be taken lightly, because what one feels during this phase can be truly terrible. However, it is not a dead end tunnel.

In fact, in the article that you find below, I have taken steps to insert very valid advice aimed at overcome post-breakup depression, so as to help those who live this nightmare to wake up, rediscovering the will to live.

Post relationship depression: what is it all about?

When we talk about post-breakup depression, we don't mean at all the typical feeling of sadness that has always accompanied the end of a love relationship. But, it is a real malaise which throws a veil of deep anguish and apathy on the one (or she) who is affected by it, decreeing an inevitable worsening of the quality of his life.

The first symptom useful for recognizing the problem is the passage of time. In fact, as the days go by, the pain should begin to fade. Conversely, when you fall into post-breakup depression, the feeling of being unwell increases day by day.

Another focal point that distinguishes the depressive state is the will to isolate themselves. The person with post breakup depression begins to cut off contact with friends and family, until they stop dating almost entirely.

In the rare cases in which such a person meets someone he knows, even a loved one, he will treat the latter with coldness, making him indifferent to everything around him. In light of this, it should come as no surprise that a person going through a period of post-breakup depression stop taking care of yourself.

Likewise, there is also a loss for all interests: hobbies, passions, work, sports, etc. Everything is sacrificed on the altar of an endless sadness, which, like a constant and sick wind, whispers a single sentence to the mind of those who experience this malaise: nothing makes sense anymore, you will never be happy again.

Post breakup depression: what it is, how long it lasts and how to overcome it

On balance, it is a real bereavement that is difficult to overcome, a bereavement where life itself loses all meaning.

Post Breakup Depression: How Long Can It Last?

Give a clear answer to this question it is at least risky.

The timing is totally different from other similar ailments, such as simple post breakup pain. In fact, in the latter case, it can be safely said that time is the best doctor: after a sea of ​​tears shed and a few too many drunk, the smile returns to be seen.

Conversely, when it sinks into depression, the days that pass seem to pour only gasoline on the fire.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to distinguish the simple pain of detachment from the risk of becoming depressed. This creates some very dangerous misunderstandings.

In fact, when it is now clear that it is not a "simple love sickness" the damage has already been done and the ascent becomes difficult. After all, it can be said that post-breakup depression it could last for years if nothing is done to cure and counter it.

Hence, it becomes essential to be ready to put in place the right law enforcement strategy. Strategy that you can start following even now thanks to the advice you find below, which they will help you to get out of this state or they will allow you to support a loved one who is experiencing the aforementioned malaise.

Depression after a breakup: how to get out of it

After analyzing its nature and its possible duration, it is time to be more concrete and start talking about how to get out of post-breakup depression. Remember: strong as he is, he is not an invincible enemy!

1. Take care of yourself

I know how you feel. Sad, disappointed and immensely alone. Furthermore, maybe you even feel guilty, because the love story on which you had staked everything, ended because of your mistake. Maybe that's true, or maybe you don't want to accept the fact that the person you had by your side wasn't worth your feelings.

In any case, now is the time to turn your attention elsewhere, abandoning the obsessive thoughts that seem to give you no peace. Then start taking care of yourself, doing something you love. Do it even if you don't feel like it, or if you think nothing could help you right now. You will see that little by little, you will begin to feel better.

Post breakup depression: what it is, how long it lasts and how to overcome it

Also, stop everything that causes you stress and take a few days to dedicate just to you. If your boss at work gets angry, he will eventually get over it. Better to lose a few euros than to lose your head.

Whether it's sports, reading or paradoxically your work, focus your strength only on initiatives that give you positive energy. This choice will allow you to shake the feeling of discomfort that envelops your days from your back.

2. Learn about the topic

Another destabilizing factor when experiencing post-breakup depression is that the malaise you are experiencing is it could be a whole new situation for you. Hence, it is only natural that you have lost your compass.

For this reason, I recommend that you inform yourself and read a lot on this topic. By discovering how your mind works during states of emotional distress, you will understand that there is nothing strange about you, and you will begin to feel less alone, aware of the right path to follow to come out even stronger and happier than before.

3. Spend time with loved ones

To leave your relationship depression behind, you need to break down another misconception that may be deeply rooted within you: the fact that you have to be able to face all this hell alone.

I know that not everyone has people around them they can really count on. But it also often happens that, although these people are there, we isolate ourselves from them and don't want to ask them for help. And in many situations, they would be really ready to give us their attention, to listen to us and to take care of us!

This is not to say that you have to rely on them for your healing. However, being in contact with other people will allow you to cut it out, even if only for five minutes. to the feeling of loneliness that is devouring you.

4. Contact a specialist

Depression is an ugly beast, and you can't always beat it alone.

Consequently, if you feel the need, do not have the slightest hesitation in going to a specialist. Relying on the skills of a therapist can help you in an important way to get out of the situation you are in now.

Post breakup depression: what it is, how long it lasts and how to overcome it

There is no shame in doing this and if you think it could be an expensive operation, know that there are many studios or institutions that offer this service to very low costs or even free of charge.

5. Open yourself to new possibilities

After the breakup of an important relationship, sometimes it seems to us that nothing makes sense anymore, and that our very identity has been questioned. As if outside of that relationship, we don't exist at all, or have no interest.

The fact is, this is the wrong approach. Everyone has their own life, and regardless of whether or not we are in a relationship, we remain independent individuals, with our interests, our preferences, our emotions, our thoughts and our free will.

Now that you are left alone, however much you miss the intimacy and connection with another person, a world of opportunity opens up before you, which were not there before. You have your whole life only to yourself, without constraints and compromises. You can rediscover yourself, dedicate your time to what you want and rebuild your life in your image and likeness!

You can start a new hobby, change your apartment or freshen up its furniture, get acquainted with other people from a whole new side. For now, these possibilities may seem a long way off, but they are there and waiting for you.

Depression after a breakup: conclusions

At the end of this path, we can draw conclusions. The risk of post-breakup depression is not to be underestimated. This is especially true when the story in question was long or very important.

Conversely, we have also seen that no matter how terrible, finding a way out of the nightmare is by no means impossible. Starting to take care of yourself, allowing others, for better or for worse, to be close to us and asking for help from those who know more than us are steps that can make a difference.

Not least, it is necessary to understand what is happening to us. So, I always advise you to consult articles dealing with the topic, read books on couple psychology and start a journey aimed at starting a new life.

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