Positive affirmations: 187 mantras for feeling good and achieving your goals

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In this article, we will look at what positive affirmations are, if they actually work, and how you can use them to achieve your goals.

Le positive affirmations they have been among the favorite workhorses of personal growth gurus and para-gurus for decades.

But do they really work?

If you have been following me for a while you will know that one of the goals I have set myself with GetPersonalGrowth is to identify, test and propose to my readers the best personal improvement strategies available today.

Doing so means first of all trying to separate the too much shit that goes around in the education industry, from what has a real, concrete and positive impact on our life.

Unfortunately, the positive affirmations, as they have been proposed by the various coaches and stage screamers, they are largely among what are technically called: "fuck a lot a kilo".

Okay 'Andre', come on, this week went well: short article, practically finished here, right ?!

Well, actually all is not lost ...

What are positive affirmations

By positive affirmations we mean sentences that represent a obiettivo, a Emotional state you want to reach or the kind of person that you want to become, and, through them regular repetition, they can provoke gods relevant changes on our psychophysiological state.

The problem is that parroting the pre-packaged phrases given to us by the para-guru on duty often proves to be a total waste of time.

Indeed, even worse, it can even have counterproductive effects due to the psychological phenomenon known as "cognitive dissonance".

When positive affirmations are likely to make you feel worse

If, out of the blue, you start repeating positive affirmations to yourself that are completely divorced from the reality you are experiencing right now, you will only create a profound sense of contradiction in your mind (the so-called cognitive dissonance in fact).

Since our brains can't tolerate this inconsistency, guess who will prevail in this conflict between pre-packaged positive thoughts you try to mechanically repeat yourself and your unconscious beliefs that have been ingrained for years?

That's right, only yours will ever win negative beliefsindeed, they will even be strengthened!

How can we avoid it? How can we put the positive affirmations at our service?

The fact that certain negative beliefs govern our life is the very demonstration that what we repeat to ourselves every single day actually determines our reality.

The secret to making positive affirmations work is therefore to understand what it is that makes negative affirmations that we have been unconsciously repeating to ourselves for years, so effective.

Let's find out ...


Use your unconscious negative affirmations to create effective positive affirmations

"But good, you did the umpteenth c ***** a!"

"I'll never make it, it's too difficult ..."

"Enough, I quit because I'm not worth anything."

"I feel like crap".

"I am fed up. I don't even try."

Are these phrases familiar to you?

These are the negative thoughts that you repeat to yourself over and over again like a sadist Miss Rottermaier whenever something is wrong with your life.

But worse still, you almost always end up believing these negative statements and, according to the mechanism of self-fulfilling prophecy, you transform them into your reality.

So what is it that makes these negative thoughts so effective?

Let's start with the bad news.

By our nature, we humans unfortunately tend to place much more emphasis on negative thoughts than positive ones.

This is a well-known evolutionary mechanism that made us survive in the Savannah (“thinking badly makes you sin, but sometimes you get it right”), but which unfortunately does not contribute in any way to our happiness.

This means that for positive affirmations to work, we will necessarily have to make one conscious effort.

With this clarified, let's see what makes certain of our negative thoughts so predominant and how we can use these same characteristics to our advantage.

The 3 key characteristics of thoughts that really affect our life

Inside the manual Step-by-step self-esteem (APP) find a very detailed study on the inner dialogue and how it conditions our self-confidence and our life. For the purpose of this article, I'll share what they are 3 features that make a thought extremely powerful and capable of governing our days (for better or for worse):

  1. repetition. Certain negative thoughts take root in our minds because we have repeated them hundreds of times over the course of our life. This means that in order for our positive affirmations to also become effective, we will have to repeat them consistently (more on this point below).
  2. Plausibility. Our negative beliefs affect us because they are… plausible. In other words, we believe it because in the past we have had life experiences that have confirmed certain thoughts. To ensure that our positive affirmations also work, we cannot therefore shoot “magic” phrases far into the air, we must build affirmations that are based on reality data, or in any case on experiences from our past in which we have had winning attitudes.
  3. Emotions. Finally, certain negative affirmations work because they are almost always accompanied by equally powerful negative emotions. The same principle must therefore be applied to our positive affirmations: in order for them to work, we cannot repeat them mechanically, but we must recite them trying to leverage emotions that are consistent with what we are repeating ourselves.

Well, so far we have seen why positive affirmations don't work or can even be counter-productive if used the wrong way.

However, we have also discovered what are the 3 characteristics that allow a thought to really influence our reality and if they are valid for our negative beliefs, they are equally valid for the positive ones.

If these premises are clear to you, below you will find a list of 187 positive affirmations, divided into different areas.

Please, use them wisely:

  • Get inspiration from these phrases and adapt them to your reality.
  • Don't select affirmations completely contrary to your current situation.
  • Select no more than 3-5 affirmations to focus on initially.

At the end of the article I will provide you with further guidance on how to best use these positive affirmations (when, how many times, etc.) and how to create your own.

Positive affirmations to be more confident

Self-confidence is the engine of one's actions and the achievement of one's goals.

You know very well that one good self-esteem it is essential to make your wishes come true in different areas: work, personal, family (here you will also find mine favorite aphorisms about).

If you are experiencing a moment of uncertainty, or your self-esteem is not skyrocketing, here are some positive affirmations that might work for you:

  1. I have everything in me what I need to be successful.
  2. I can be the top to make this work.
  3. I'm not afraid to be wrong.
  4. Happiness is within my reach.
  5. I speak with confidence and safety.
  6. I will answer no when I don't have time or desire to do something.
  7. I have the courage to be different.
  8. I can realize my every wish.
  9. I feel at ease even out of my comfort zone.
  10. I deserve my dreams come true.
  11. Everything happen, I can do it.
  12. My strength is bigger of any difficulty.
  13. Everyday I get stronger.
  14. I am amazed at all that my body and my mind are capable of doing.
  15. I am the person who I wish to be.
  16. I know mine value.
  17. I choose who to become.
  18. I wink at challenges.
  19. I've got the power to change my personal history.
  20. I use my mistakes like stepping stones towards my success.
  21. I have the courage to to say no.
  22. The obstacles are alone challenges to overcome.
  23. I me respect.
  24. I respect mine limits and I'm thankful for mine talents.
  25. I have everything I need to make it special my day.
  26. I surround myself with positive people.
  27. I love and respect myself as they are.
  28. I do not have nothing to prove a nessuno.
  29. Mi commitment 100% to achieve my goals.
  30. I'm able to handle whatever happens.
  31. Ho inside me the power to change.
  32. I am capable of to make decisions.
  33. I have the full control of my life.
  34. I easily adapt to changes.
  35. I am committed to improve my life.
  36. Ho full confidence in my decisions.

Positive affirmations to love yourself more

Love each other, knowing each other and respecting one's characteristics with serenity, without forcing them, will also lead others to have an attitude of respect and affection towards us.

  1. I stop apologizing for how I am.
  2. I am at peace with everything that has happened to me in life.
  3. My body is beautiful, healthy and expresses my soul.
  4. There are stable, calm and focused.
  5. I've got everything what i need.
  6. There are lucky.
  7. I chase my wishes, not those of others.
  8. I am full of great ideas.
  9. I base my decisions on mine inner compass.
  10. I do not need nobody else to be happy.
  11. When i take care of myself I take care of the world.
  12. I am important.
  13. I'll be assertive when I need to be.
  14. The universe conspires in favor of my success.
  15. I check mine fears, they don't control me.
  16. I am complete even alone.
  17. I assume the responsibility whose they are, for better or for worse.
  18. I choose myself.
  19. keep my position and I will defend myself.
  20. Io creed in me.
  21. Honor the commitments I make with myself.
  22. There isn't one decision wrong.
  23. Io I create my life exactly how I want it for me.
  24. There are sweeper from worries.
  25. I can say no to others for say yes to myself.
  26. I have the right to relax and feel good.

Positive affirmations to achieve your goals

If it's not your first time reading GetPersonalGrowth, you'll know how important you consider goals and how much you push on them. correct definition.

Of course, however, it is not enough to establish goals well, if we are then intimately convinced that we cannot reach them and we turn into our worst enemies, through procrastination and other self-sabotages.

The positive affirmations that follow will help you work on this, replacing a skepticism you are often not aware of with a correct one. belief in your abilities.

  1. I can find enthusiasm in carrying out my work with excellence.
  2. There are watch out and focused on what to do.
  3. I'm able to concentrate on everything I want.
  4. My mind is full of energy, clear and focused on achieving my goals.
  5. I focus everyone my efforts about what I want to accomplish in my life.
  6. I can enter the state of flow whenever I want it.
  7. I will address critical situations calmly and courageously. I will find solutions even in difficult times.
  8. I will follow the rhythm of my music. I will be myself, not the person others want me to be.
  9. Today I will do a big step towards achieving my goals.
  10.   resistances when I reached my goals they vanished.
  11. So Where am I going. I just have to take action to get there.
  12. I free myself from the doubt and pessimism that prevent me from reaching my goals.
  13. I visualize clearly the achievement of my goals.
  14. I see clearly the obstacles that stand between me and my goal. AND I go around them, moving over them, under them, through or around them.
  15. Mine planning, my actions and my dedication will lead me to fulfill my wishes.
  16. My daily goals they will enable me to achieve my long-term goals.
  17. I live in the present, never dwelling on the past, and I act to guarantee myself a wonderful future.
  18. I will transform my dreams in goals, my goals in smaller goals, my smaller goals in actions, and every day I will accomplish one of these actions.
  19. I am willing to explore new territories and strangers.
  20. I will reach all my goals.
  21. My goals are simple to reach.
  22. If I take the correct actions the customers they will choose I am
  23. My goals are more and more neighbors.
  24. Mine priority they are clear. I am committed to completing the most important things first.
  25. I only set goals that count.
  26. If the because it's strong enough, i will find my like.
  27. My mind is like water. I will change and adapt whenever necessary.
  28. Il success it's in my future.

Positive affirmations to develop your independence

How many times do we happen to to impute to external causes a negative result? We blame left and right: family, health, fitness, time.

Champion of this specialty is the proverbial 'frignone'(but I hope that's not your case! Either way, this is it the test to verify if you belong to the category ;-)).

It is important to be aware that in most cases, the results we obtain depend solely on us.

Here is a list of positive affirmations that remind us:

  1. I have to rely on myself.
  2. The responsibility for success or failure is in my hands.
  3. Io they are my greatest chance of success.
  4. I will accept nothing else but the best.
  5. I don't depend by no one but me.
  6. I assume full responsibility for my successes and failures.
  7. I will activate to discover the obstacles to my success.
  8. Awareness it will help me get the most out of my time.

Positive affirmations to improve at work

Whatever your career goal - a promotion, a career change, a qualitative leap - these positive affirmations will help you to increase your energy, your productivity and your creativity.

  1. I will not work harder. I will work with more intelligence.
  2. Ho a positive influence on others, and I surround myself with people like me.
  3. Mine time it is the most valuable asset. I protect it carefully.
  4. THEequilibrium is the key. I will combine commitment and respect for my needs and my times.
  5. I go always ahead.
  6. There are surrounded gives positive energy.
  7. I'm a very good worker. Every company is lucky to have me.
  8. My career will be what I always have dreamed.
  9. When I say 'no' to the wrong job, I am approaching the perfect career for me.
  10. Mine income will continue to increase.
  11. The right job for me can offer me great opportunity economic and growth.
  12. I have the instinct ofentrepreneur. I recognize and take opportunities when they arise.
  13. I take full responsibility for the my job.
  14. I use mine better energies for my career, my health and my family. Everything else is secondary.
  15. I prefer to be a leader more than a boss, for my colleagues, and I make sure they are more and more successful.
  16. Whenever I do an interview, I transmit energy and safety.
  17. The job I'm looking for is looking for me.
  18. I'm ready for my interviews, I communicate confidently and will be successful.
  19. Every job change is an opportunity for to build the career of my dreams. I choose a wonderful career.
  20. I deserve a job that match me and like it, and I'm ready to find it.
  21. Mine determination will make me find the job I prefer.
  22. I have everything I need to make my own opportunity.
  23. I trust in mine insight.
  24. The success comes to meet me through the right opportunities.
  25. My new business project continues to grow.
  26. When the opportunities come I will be ready to grasp them.
  27. The money invested returns to me multiplied.
  28. Every day is ricco of new possibilities and new ideas.
  29. I enjoy an excellent financial stability.
  30. Limiting beliefs have no power over me. I am optimistic and broad-minded.
  31. I am of course organized.
  32. If I apply the right strategies mine ideal customers they come to meet me.
  33. My passion for business leads results concrete.
  34. I control my day, I don't let my day control me.
  35. My believe some fantastic business opportunities.
  36. I am my only one overdrive.
  37. I surround myself with positive people who they believe in me.
  38. I am always happy to explore new business opportunities.
  39. When I need to support, I effortlessly attract the people and resources that are perfect for me.
  40. Mine ambitions they are in line with my values.
  41. I work with people charismatic who share my enthusiasm.
  42. Through my success, I create opportunity for success for others too.
  43. It comes naturally to me to find solutions.
  44. The right circumstances present themselves to me in the best moments.
  45. I trust my intuition that always makes me take the wiser decisions.
  46. Meeting brilliant mentors who share their experiences with me.
  47. I listen with patience and I communicate effectively.
  48. I feel good even when I am under pressure.
  49. I set myself some high standards and they always live up to my expectations.
  50. I think big and dream big, without reservations.
  51. I live full of mine potentiality.
  52. I make the world one best place through a positive and powerful influence.
  53. I am proud and thankful for mine financial success.
  54. I'm living mine dream.
  55. I am proud of how mine are talents contribute to the beauty of the world.
  56. Ho results positive.
  57. Celebrate with joy every milestone reached.
  58. Everyday I find out new fascinating paths to follow.
  59. Today I godo my work and I am optimistic about the future.
  60. Mine Bank account continues to grow.
  61. I have all the money necessary to satisfy my needs.
  62. I have several sources of income.

Positive affirmations against worry and fear

In how many situations ours fears hinder us?

Here are the positive affirmations that will help you replace anxiety and worries with one calm confidence.

  1. My fears diminish as I live my life with courage.
  2. I'm in control of mine emozioni.
  3. I'm not alone.
  4. My thoughts are calm and full of gioia.
  5. I am perfectly safe. Mi fido of life and of myself.
  6. My life is aadventure.
  7. The life want only the best for me.
  8. Mi godo the best of life.
  9. There are forte.
  10. I feel at ease with other people.
  11. I follow my dreams with determination.
  12. There are in harmony with myself.
  13. There are no obstacles that I cannot exceed.
  14. I like to know new people.
  15. I am of course calm.

Positive affirmations for women

Reconciling family, children, work and personal interests today is not at all simple. In various situations, women are undoubtedly subjected to greater stress than we men.

These positive affirmations are meant for them.

  1. Enough that's fine.
  2. I give myself permission to slow down.
  3. I take the time to get dressed in first place.
  4. I ask for support if I have any need.
  5. There are satisfied.
  6. Respect my times.
  7. I can do it.
  8. They are already there success, I will still succeed.
  9. I don't think about "what would have happened if…?”.
  10. I don't live solely in relation to mine child.
  11. I accept i congratulations because I deserve them.
  12. I'm full of energy.
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