Porridge for breakfast, the benefits

Porridge for breakfast, the benefits

The typical village breakfast is made of biscuits with tea and brioche, or cappuccino, milk with cereals, perhaps with chocolate, bread and jam. 

Food also means joy and conviviality and, in exceptional cases, it can be fine. But, in general, doing a quick nutritional calculation, on our tables, at breakfast (above all, often also at other meals) we have a great absence: proteins.

For lovers of the genre, eggs, black bread and salmon can be an excellent morning source of protein, as well as of the greek yogurt.

But there is an additional resource, well known to the Anglo-Saxons: the porridge.

Why should we do breakfast with porridge?


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Porridge for breakfast: what are the benefits?

Introducing porridge into your breakfast can be a lot interesting for its nutritional aspect and in view of a balanced and correct diet.

Here some of its main advantages:

> Provides a good protein intake and a low intake of saturated fat.

> It has a high satiating power, which does not make us "starve" after an hour.

> He has a low glycemic index.

> Make good quantity of fibers, therefore benefit the intestinal health

> Una consent good variety of foods since it can be prepared with different ingredients.

> E' fast and practical.

> If you pay multiple eating styles: curious omnivores, vegetarians and vegans.

> E' easily digestible.

How do you make breakfast porridge?

La basic porridge recipe is very simple: essentially it is flakes of oats (and in this case it is called oatmeal) or other cereals cooked in water or cow's milk or a vegetable drink, which form the basis.

Later they can be added foods and variables to taste, as an example:

> Fresh fruit in pieces;
> berries;
> dehydrated fruit
> dried fruit and / or seeds;
> yogurt (cow or vegetable);
> chocolate flakes (dark chocolate is always better, let's remember);
> honey or maple syrup (a little) or natural sweeteners;
> cocoa, cinnamon or vanilla;
> coconut flakes.

There are two ways of preparation porridge, one for mornings who have time and one for those who wake up late and prefer to have everything ready.

How to make porridge directly in the morning: put 5 tablespoons of oat flakes or other whole grains in a saucepan, add about half a glass of your favorite milk (cow or vegetable) and half a glass of water.

Bring to a boil and cook for about 4-5 minutes, stirring frequently, until it has reached a creamy consistency. Turn off the heat and add the other ingredients if necessary.

How to make porridge there night before, or the overnight oatmeal: the cereal flakes, in the same quantities, are placed in a jar or a cup, covered with your favorite milk, covered and placed in the refrigerator. The next morning just mix them (possibly heat them quickly) and add the other ingredients.


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