Poppy seeds: 10 tasty recipes to use them

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I semi di papavero they are as small as tasty and healthy. Compared to other types of seeds, such as sesame seeds, poppy seeds are associated with a lower risk of allergies. If you love their flavor, don't forget to use them in the kitchen, as a filling, decoration and condiment.

Here is a collection of recipes with poppy seeds, all to experiment and try.


Homemade bagels

Have you ever tried making bagels at home? THE bagel they are ring-shaped yeast dough buns. They are lightly boiled in water before cooking in the oven and are usually decorated with poppy seeds or various seeds. Poppy seeds remain the typical condiment. THU recipe.

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Focaccia with onions and poppy seeds

Here is a cake a little special that you can prepare with chickpea flour and wholemeal flour. To garnish the focaccia, choose your favorite onions or seasonal vegetables. Garnish the focaccia with rosemary and poppy seeds. THU recipe.

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Millet with Brussels sprouts, walnuts and poppy seeds

Do you want to prepare a first course that goes beyond the classic pasta or risotto? To change a bit you can choose the millet, a “poor” cereal, all to be rediscovered, which is considered an energetic and anti-stress food. Don't forget the poppy seeds for seasoning. THU recipe.

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Poppy seed bread

Perhaps you have happened to taste the poppy seed bread. If you liked it, now is the time to try making it at home with water, flour, malt, mother yeast and of course poppy seeds. THU the complete recipe.


Wholemeal poppy seed crackers

Here's a great idea for making crackers at home for a crunchy snack. It is about the whole wheat poppy seed crackers that you can make naturally leavened thanks to the sourdough. Choose stone ground whole wheat flour. THU recipe.


Poppy seed cookies

Just add a small amount of poppy seeds to your dough to transform the classic preparation of homemade cookies. You will give a nice extra touch to your favorite recipe. THU a recipe to inspire you.


Poppy seed breadsticks

To make yours special homemade breadsticks choose poppy seeds. You can prepare them with unrefreshed sourdough, water, flour and extra virgin olive oil. choose organic ingredients as much as possible. THU the recipe to follow.


Sweet stuffed with poppy seeds

This dessert is called Poppy seed cake. It is a Polish dessert similar to a strudel filled with poppy seeds and honey. If you want to experiment with a slightly different sweet recipe, here is the idea for you. THU the complete recipe.

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Apple strudel with poppy seeds

Lo apple strudel it is a sweet filling typical of the German-speaking countries and of Alto Adige. The traditional preparation of the strudel involves adding raisins, pine nuts and cinnamon to the apples. Poppy seeds are often used both as decoration and for filling. THU recipe.

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Fresh pasta with poppy seeds

Fresh pasta with poppy seeds, here's one quick recipe of Friulian cuisine. The pasta sauce is prepared in a few minutes. Those who do not use butter can try replacing it with extra virgin olive oil. THU the complete recipe.

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