Pocket foods against low blood pressure

Pocket foods against low blood pressure

Many people, with the change of season and temperature, are greatly affected by the transition from pleasant cool days to sultry and static afternoons, in which a breath of air does not move and perhaps the humidity makes you feel even more torrid heat. They are often the same people who need to consume an entire coffee pot all to themselves to get their energy up in the morning, otherwise they can't take a step. Here are some tips, between pocket foods and little rules of thumb to avoid fainting ed prevent the body from going into hypotension.


Tips to prevent fainting

It happens very often of feel great tiredness and weakness, having headaches and migraines and having a hard time standing up, especially when you have crouched down to pick something up.

Sometimes you also see the classic "lights", you feel dizzy, or you hear a strange ringing in your ear, all accompanied by a sense of nausea and loss of appetite.

If you too recognize yourselves in these fainting symptoms, don't get overwhelmed by anxiety, but get used to following a couple of basic rules to prevent unpleasant situations and minor inconveniences. In addition to not getting up suddenly and avoiding an empty stomach, here's how.


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Pocket food for pressure

In the handbag or pocket of those with low blood pressure, these foods must never be missing: a bar of chocolate, preferably dark; if the chocolate also melts for the heat, it is better to opt for a tin of logs of licorice pure or the chewing root; as a mid-morning snack or snack, get used to refueling dried fruit, dates, dried grapes, dried apricots, almonds or walnuts, very practical and remineralizing.

Don't miss a coffee when needed, obviously without exaggerating, perhaps sweetening with a teaspoon of honey. Even the classic sachet of sugar is not bad, but the refined one should be avoided, and it is very difficult to find the whole cane one.

If you are away for work in the morning remember to pack a nice thermal bottle with karkadè, green tea alla menta or rooibos to sip throughout the day.

For those who succeed, even the banana it is one of those more or less pocket foods, excellent for counteracting pressure drops, thanks to the potassium it contains.


Idratare e areare

Last but not least, the advice is always to check the amount of water you drink daily: at least one and a half or two liters, interspersed, as indicated, with remineralizing teas, coffee, energizing herbal teas.

Excellent, in this case, too ginseng root and guarana. Finally, it will seem trivial, but also the circulation of air in the rooms where you stay for a long time is important: just open the windows for a moment and let it diffuse in the air energizing, sparkling and refreshing essential oils, such as those with rosemary, orange, bergamot, mint or lemon


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