Plyometric exercises to increase the vertical jump

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Plyometric exercises, what they are

Plyometric exercises consist of two phases: the elongation and the phase of shortening. In practice, first you have to stretch the muscle and then contract it to shorten it, all very quickly and in a very short time. These movements allow you to increase the ability of the muscle to produce a powerful movement in a very short period.
Incorporating plyometrics exercises into your fitness routine has several advantages: improves explosive strength, but also the speed, resistance, muscle mass. Furthermore, in this way the cardio-respiratory system is trained and energy expenditure is favored, increasing the number of calories burned. 


How to improve the vertical jump

Plyometric exercises are great for improving vertical jumping, a very useful ability for athletes, to perform different movements. The training, as always, it must be started with the warm-up: it is useful to do a little stretching, a few minutes of running, joint circles. Plyometric exercises, in fact, are very fast, snappy and powerful, so you risk getting hurt if the body is not prepared for the effort. After the warm-up, you can start with the workout. Here are the exercises to do: all must be done quickly. 

squat jump

A jump squat does not require any equipment.

  • To perform a squat jump, place your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Squat down until your upper legs are parallel to the floor (pushing your buttocks back). Be careful not to bring your knees over your feet and not to arch your back.
  • While squatting, keep your gaze forward and your weight on your heels. 
  • So jump as high as you can. Focus on exploding in the jump.
  • Return by checking the movement.

Do 3 sets of 20. 

I jump on the step

Side jumps


Jumps with feet together

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