Pistol squat with dumbbells

Pistol squat with dumbbells


The dumbbell pistol squat exercise is also known as the Dumbell pistol squat

Type of Exercise

Pistol squat with dumbbells is a multi-joint / accessory exercise

Pistol squat with dumbbells: Execution

The starting position sees the athlete on one foot only (the right), with the back in its position of strength and with the right hip partially flexed. The left hip is extended, while the left knee is flexed so that the left foot rests on a bench positioned behind the athlete. The right foot is positioned about 50 cm ahead (the measurement varies according to the height and proportions of the athlete) with respect to the bench, while on the transverse plane it is at the same level as it would be if both feet were together. . The right foot points at approximately 13 o'clock, but with room for modification based on individual variables. The arms are at your sides and each hand holds a dumbbell. The execution consists in flexing the hip, knee and ankle at the same time (dorsiflexion), keeping the back in its position of strength and the buttocks in the same vertical plane on which they were at the beginning. It is advisable to continue downhill until you are able to keep your back with its three natural curves or until your left knee touches the floor, also taking care not to project the knee beyond the tip of the foot. Reverse the movement without bouncing, simultaneously extending the hip and right knee and performing a plantar flexion at the level of the right ankle; taking care to keep all the muscles that stabilize the back contracted and balanced. Particular attention to the right knee which must remain aligned with the foot throughout the movement. Considering the fact that the left foot is supported, care must be taken not to actively involve the left limb in the exercise. The execution ends with the return to the starting position. The description refers to the training of the right limb; repeat in a mirror image for the left one. This variant provides a greater stretch for the rectus femoris of the posterior leg, compared to the multi power execution.

Muscles involved in the exercise Pistol squat with dumbbells

Group 0

  • Great buttock
  • Long head of the hamstring
  • Semimembranoso
  • Semitendinosus
  • Ischial head of the great adductor
Hip Extension (Partial)

Group 1

  • Quadriceps femoris
Knee extension

Group 2

  • Gastrocnemius
  • Soleo
  • Peroneus brevis
  • Gracile footbed
  • Posterior Tibialis
  • Long finger flexor
  • Posterior flexor of the big toe
  • Long peroneus
Plantar flexion
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