Pistachios, properties and how to use them

I pistachios they are the seeds of the pistachio plant (Pistacia vera) belonging to the Anacardiaceae family. Rich in substances antioxidants, are excellent allies for the health of eyes and to prevent cardiovascular disorders. Let's find out better.

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Pistachios, properties and how to use them


Main nutrients of pistachios

I pistachios they are very energetic and have a high calorie content (about 600 calories per 100 grams), they go therefore eaten in moderation especially for those with hypertension, diabetes or obesity problems, also because they are often marketed after salting.
The lipid content is mainly made up of mono and polyunsaturated fats, therefore "good" fats.
In pistachios, compared to other oil seeds, there are greater quantities of antioxidants: lutein, beta-carotene e tocopherols.
The contribution of mineral salts (phosphorus, calcium, potassium and iron) e Vitamins (E, B1 and B6).



In that very energetic, pistachios are excellent to supplement the diet of children or those who practice sports.
Regular intake of pistachios helps to keep the level of cholesterol in the blood and at prevent cardiovascular disorders.
The natural antioxidants these fruits are rich in help keep in skin and eye health.
In folk medicine so much practiced by our ancestors the pistachio was used against toothache and liver disorders.
The healing and nutritional properties of pistachio have been known since ancient times and this precious seed was one of the first man snacks.


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Pistachios, properties and how to use them


Pistachios in the kitchen

Pistachio is a seed widely used in cooking.
With its characteristic green color (characteristic to the point that the term "pistachio" is used to indicate precise shades of this color) and his unmistakable flavor, pistachio is used for seasonings and sauces (try the pistachio pesto) in savory recipes, but also as an ingredient for sweets, ice creams and nougats.
A very widespread and popular gastronomic preparation is that of mortadella flavored with pistachio.

In the country the cultivation of pistachio is not very widespread but in Sicily the Bronte pistachios are particularly renowned, protected by the DOP brand: "Green Pistachio from Bronte". A curiosity: the hymn of Bronte is dedicated to this wonderful fruit of the Earth and is called" Diamanti virdi ".
Overseas pistachios have a relatively recent history: they entered the eating habits of Americans through pistachio ice cream and sold in distributors as snacks but with the shell painted red to attract attention.
The pistachio has a very ancient history instead in the "old world", where it has always been appreciated so much that it has received respectable names that praise its importance: in Iran it is called the "smiling seed" while in China the "seed happy".

The extra idea: once the pistachios are consumed we do not throw them away i gusci which, when shredded, turn into an excellent one organic fertilizer for our garden.



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