Pippali, the benefits and uses

Pippali, the benefits and uses

If the common black pepper is a very well known and appreciated spice also in the West, today we want to talk to you about one of its more exotic relatives, pippali (long pepper), a very important plant of the Ayurvedic tradition.

Outwardly, its fruits are rather particular, that is, with a long and tapered shape, widely used throughout Asian cuisine and, despite being almost unknown in our latitudes, they were known and appreciated since Roman times.

With a round and aromatic flavor, the long pepper results spicier and hotter than black pepper which appears more spicy. In the kitchen it is widely used since North Africa and goes well especially with desserts.

But what are yours beneficial properties?


The properties of pippali

Especially in winter, pippali should not be missing in our pantry because it is a lot useful in case of colds, typical of this season.

bones, catarrhs, bronchial asthma, inflammation of the nasal passages: this spice is a good for the respiratory system! On a more general level, it vitalizes the immune system and is heavily used for its own anti-inflammatory properties.

Pippali is traditionally used to awaken digestion by reviving the digestive fire and, mixed with other ingredients, is used to treat gastric acidity.

Last but not least, it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac, essential to keep the organs and the reproductive system in good health. Great against asthenia, is a powerful tonic.

In relation to the doshas, ​​long pepper has global pacifying power going to act both on disorders related to vata, thanks to its heating power, and those connected to kapha, for its mucolytic properties.

In excessive doses, it tends to act particularly incisively on pitta so be careful not to overfeed ... the fire!


A versatile spice: from the table to a sweet natural remedy

A highly fragrant plant, rich in properties and excellent both at the table and like natural remedy for small seasonal ailments: we could enrich ours evening herbal tea with a few precious grains of Indian long pepper and enjoy all its benefits.


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