Pine nuts, properties and how to use them

I pine nuts they are the seeds of trees of the Pinus species. Rich in Vitamins, especially E, are perfect as tonic in periods of stress and fatigue. Find out better.

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Pine nuts, properties and how to use them



The main nutrients of pine nuts

I pine nuts have a high content of grassi (50%), mainly unsaturated, with an important percentage of linoleic acid (Omega 6).
These seeds boast a good protein content and are rich in fiber.
Pine nuts are also an excellent source of Vitamins (especially E and PP) e minerals (especially calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium).


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Pine nuts, properties and how to use them



Like all oilseeds, pine nuts are too very energetic and caloric, perfect then like tonics, for those who practice sports or to face periods of stress and fatigue.
Due to the high calorie content they should be consumed sparingly, especially for those suffering from diabetes or overweight.

Pine nuts also have antioxidant effects: they keep the skin young and the body healthy.

Historically, the pine nut is considered a precious aphrodisiac and stimulating food for fertility.
Among the ancient population of the Phrygians, pine nuts were used to prepare an intoxicating and aphrodisiac wine, in Greece the pine cones were a symbol of fertility and the Roman writer Pliny wrote about it: "pine nuts quench thirst, calm heartburn and win the weakness of the virile parts ".


Pine nuts in the kitchen

Together with basil, garlic, olive oil and Parmesan, pine nuts are the basis of pesto, the famous Ligurian sauce for pasta now known all over the world.
They are very used for sauces and toppings but their delicate taste is exploited above all in the pastry art: cookies, ice cream and cakes (grandmother's cake) are often enriched with this sweet and soft seed.
A very popular combination is that between pine nuts and raisins, excellent in desserts but also to create sweet and sour combinations in meat main courses or to prepare dishes with an exotic flavor.



Pine nuts among the foods rich in vitamin E for fever


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