Pilates Magic Circle Total Body

Main Muscles Affected

  • Legs
  • abdominal
  • pectoral
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Back

Workout Difficulty


In this video, a series of exercises are proposed to completely strengthen and sculpt the whole body but without straining the joints, back and neck. The magic circle pilates, ring circle or resistance circle is a 40 cm diameter ring made of coated metal. The flexibility of the circle allows you to perform certain exercises with isometric and isotonic movement. By placing the circle in the lower or upper part of the body, it is possible to make the various muscle groups work very intensely, improve balance and endurance. Perform 3 rounds of this training every other day for 8 consecutive weeks. Always close with a few minutes of stretching.


  • Equipment: mat, magic circle
  • 15 exercises (1 round)
  • 30 "workout 10" break
  • From 40 "to 60" of pause between one round and another
  • Perform 3 rounds every other day

  1. Adductor reinforcement with resistance between the inside of the knees
  2. Resistance abductor reinforcement between the outside of the knees combined with reverse crunch
  3. Sit ups with resistance in your hands
  4. Roll up with resistance in your hands
  5. Double leg stretch with resistance between the outside of the ankles
  6. Seated spinal twist with resistance in your hands
  7. On the hip upper leg lift with resistance between the ankles x2
  8. On the hip lift legs with resistance between the legs x2
  9. Chest squeezed with resistance in the hands
  10. Push up with resistance in the arms
  11. Hand thrusts down with resistance between hand and floor x2
  12. Curl resistance in the arms x2
  13. Superman with resistance in his hands
  14. Back extension with resistance arms extended behind the back combined with alternating leg strikes
  15. stretching
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