Picnic: when fast food becomes vegan and crueltyfree

Find a cheap place where eating good vegan food is not always an easy task, especially if you are in one city ​​so famous for its meat, and in which its consumption is so rooted, like Buenos Aires. But Picnic, the first vegan fast food opened in the Argentine capital, it shows that in all countries it is possible to promote healthier and cruelty-free food choices.

Owned by an Argentine-Swedish couple, Picnic only opened its doors a few months ago, but it has already welcomed thousands of hungry veggie lovers, who were able to enjoy colorful salads, hummus, falafel, wheat grass, or muffin e vegan cakes accompanied by almond milk with coffee. All at ridiculously low prices, since Picnic is a fast-food, and made on site with fresh, local ingredients.

With its three floors, this healthy and veg version of McDonald's can accommodate up to 120 customers, although most of the people who attend it prefer the takeaways for their lunch breaks. And then the interior space is decorated with a lot of nice and extravagant elements, which give the place a cozy and familiar atmosphere, illuminated by large windows and eco-lamps made in wicker and biodegradable materials.

THEsign made with ivy which marks its front door, together with the biological furnishing fabrics, to the many plants that decorate it and to the low energy consumption lights, makes Picnic a green place like the menu it offers. The veg fast-food from overseas, in addition, it organizes periodically eco-design courses, fairs and organic gardening workshops.

In short, the name, the food, the place, everything in the veg fast food in Buenos Aires is designed for the animal rights and environmentalist causeto. All that remains is to wish Picnic a great success and, perhaps, soon become an international chain.

Source and photo: Inhabitat

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