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Phrases to overcome sadness

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Last update: 15 November 2021

The phrases to overcome sadness remind us that even if there are sad days in our calendar, we have the obligation to lift our soul from the darkest abyss and make it fly again. When we hit rock bottom, we just have to get back on track, renew ourselves starting from our ashes, making sadness a meaningful life lesson.

We know that it is not easy. Often there is no lack of those who try to cheer us up with the classic phrases on personal motivation, the same ones pronounced in many videos that are popular on the net and that try to offer support. We know that a sentence alone cannot suddenly cure or illuminate the exit from our personal tunnel of frustration and suffering..

However, these expressions force us to reflect. In the complex mastery required by knowing how to untangle ourselves in the labyrinth of our emotions and problems, the books and the passages of wisdom handed down that contain the sentences of some authors reveal themselves as windows to reveal the world to us. They are bridges that highlight the existence of other paths we can take to remedy some of our most common problems.

We can say with certainty that the phrases to overcome everyday sadness are useful, practical and worth having them always at hand or, why not, close to the heart.

Phrases to overcome the daily sadness

Let's imagine our mind as a garden for a moment. A large expanse of land that in some moments is uncultivated and full of weeds, invasive species that deprive it of its natural beauty. Those weeds are the negative thoughts that are spreading wildly in our garden, in our mind.

To have a healthy garden full of flourishing vegetation, we must be able to pull out the weeds first (negative, obsessive and corrosive thoughts), and then start nourishing the earth well, giving it water, fertilizers and seeds that will make beautiful flowers grow again.

The seeds we will plant may be just those phrases. Quotes, statements and advice to sow in our minds to allow us to reflect, generate change, open passages where before there were only walls ... Let's take them as gifts of wisdom and make good use of them.

1. Move, encourage change

“Your emotions shouldn't be paralyzing. They shouldn't defend themselves. They shouldn't stop you from being all you can be. "

-Wayne Dyer-

We have already spoken in the past of Wayne Dyer's psychological and spiritual heritage, thanks to which millions of people have been introduced to the best strategies for personal growth that have allowed them to understand, for example, many of their limiting attitudes, those evil areas that do not we know how to manage and that prevent us from advancing.

When we run into moments like this, when sadness or bad mood invades us, we cannot and must not remain paralyzed. We don't have to "fight" against our fears or our problems, we have to understand them, break them up, make them small and then learn from them and move on.

2. Let nothing and no one ruin our day, let's enjoy it!

"Write on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."

-W. Emerson-

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a XNUMXth century American writer, philosopher and poet. His work and his vision of the human being contributed to the development of what we know today as New Thought. That intellectual heritage that abounds with phrases to overcome the daily sadness.

One of his best teachings is simple, useful and crystalline: why do we have to waste what each day has to offer us? The here and now will never repeat itself. We always remember, therefore, that no one has the right to extinguish our opportunity to be happy. Let's take the power away from those dark clouds that hover in our mind and enjoy the day.

3. We do not get influenced by the negativity of others

“Man is plagued by the blind obsession with telling his problems. A few times he speaks of his joys of him. If we talked about it properly, we could share happiness with each other. "

– Fëdor Dostoevskij –

If there is anything that can really enrich us, it is reading the great classics, such as Chekhov or Dostoevsky. It is impossible not to identify with their stories, in the profiles they trace of the human being, and the above sentence best exemplifies this concept.

We cannot deny that people need to talk about unpleasant events, problems. Few times a day goes by without our having to listen to a criticism or how much a person hates this or that. It would be convenient to put a filter on these dynamics so that our mental health can benefit from them, in every sense.

Let's try to change the channel, let's try to reverse the situation. What if we spread the cheer? What if we became obsessed with only telling positive things?

4.Open your eyes, trust

"Where one door closes, another opens."

-Miguel de Cervantes-

This is one of the best known and most widespread phrases to overcome sadness and offer hope. The reflection he leaves us is almost obligatory: when we believe that we have reached the bottom and that there is no longer any exit, in reality not another door can open in front of us, but a whole world. We just have to learn to see it.

5. If we fall 10 times, let's get up 11

“I have not failed. I just tried 10.000 methods that didn't work. "

-Thomas Edison-

The man makes a mistake, the man falls and hits the bottom. But he doesn't do it once, sometimes he stumbles up to 20 times on the same stone. Does this seem like a good excuse to give up? Absolutely not: in this life only the stubborn survive, and instead of seeing a mistake as an ending, a fall as an irrecoverable loss, we should learn to consider them lessons to be made our own to try better next time.

6. We are here to grow

"Each blade of grass has its own Angel who encourages it by whispering: Grow!"

-The Talmud-

This is a beautiful and useful phrase contained in the Talmud. Everything that populates our world actually has one purpose: to grow. Nonetheless, sometimes we lose sight of this principle and we limit ourselves to just standing there, paralyzed by fear, gripped by a sadness that oxidizes us and tears our wings.

We must avoid going that far and, instead, be free, invest in movement, in life and in those changes that bring us closer to freedom.

7. Instead of (pre) dealing with… Let's take care!

“Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do, but it never gets you anywhere”.

-Erma Bombeck-

This is undoubtedly one of the phrases to overcome sadness and the most witty and useful daily worry that exists. The reason? Admittedly, most of us do: he lets himself be carried away obsessively by the comings and goings of some thoughts. Fears, disappointments and failures act as waves that hit us and send us adrift.

Worrying will get us nowhere, on the contrary "taking care" of what deprives us of calm will. Let's get started and we will see our daily fears and sadness vanish immediately.

To conclude, we know that there are many other phrases to overcome sadness and that the ones we talked about today are just a small treasure that we can choose to make our own, that we can use as a vitamin for the mind, as a medicine against bad mood. They are worth keeping in mind.

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