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The mafia is a cancer still rooted in our country, a malaise that corrodes society from within and that we must never stop talking about. We must never stop fighting and condemning it. For this we have compiled all these phrases against the mafia.

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Generic Anti-Mafia Quotes Collection
Frases against the mafia by Giovanni Falcone
Frases Against the Mafia by Paolo Borsellino
Frases Contra la Mafia by Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa

Frases Contra La Mafia: from 1 to 20

In "Cosa Nostra" if someone summons you, you are alive when you enter and you are dead when you leave... and it is your best friend who kills you. ~ From the movie Donnie Brasco

I want to write that the mafia is a mountain of shit We have to rebel Before it's too late Before we get used to their faces Before we no longer notice anything. ~ Peppino Impastato

A historical event took place in the city, the people of Palermo discovered that the mafia existed and the judges Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino who instructed the Maxiprocess made them discover it. ~ From the movie The Mafia Only Kills in Summer

The mafia is not afraid of jail; the mafia is afraid that we put our hands in their pockets. ~ piero fat

I believe in all forms of study, study and protest against the mafia. The mafia feeds on a culture and spreads it: the culture of illegality. ~ Don Pino Puglisi

The mafia was, and is, something else: a "system" that in Sicily contains and moves the economic and power interests of a class that we can crudely call bourgeois; and does not arise and develop in the "empty" state ~ that is, when the State, with its laws and functions, is weak or lacks

The mafia and illegality insinuate themselves everywhere where the State is lacking. Where the State does not take care of the demands of the citizens, they find fertile ground. ~ Pietro Grasso

God once said: "Do not kill": man, anyone, any human agglomeration, mafia, cannot change and trample on this most holy right of God! This Sicilian people, so attached to life, a people that loves life, that gives life, cannot always live under the pressure of an opposing civilization, a civilization of death. Here we need the civilization of life! In the name of this Christ, crucified and risen, of this Christ who is life, the way of truth and of life, I say this to those responsible: convert! God's judgment will come one day! ~ Pope Juan Pablo II

Can you think that the Mafia, the Camorra, the 'Ndrangheta can exist without the support of state institutions? They would be outside the law. ~ Carmine Schiavone

Why, if everyone is fighting it, has no one defeated the Mafia yet? ~ Rita Borsellino

That Spain, and not only Sicily, is a desperately mafia country, without a minimum of civil coexistence, of respect for others. There are too many cunning people, "spertu" they say of us. Who can do it to another, does it. And he believes that he is doing well. ~ Gianpaolo Pansa

Anyone who thought of fighting the mafia in the “pasture” of Palermo and not in the rest of Spain would only be wasting their time. ~ Carlo Albert of the Church

[Speaking of The Day of the Owl] It's one of those books I never wish I had written. I have my own theory. You can't make a mobster the protagonist, because he becomes a hero and ennobles himself by writing. Don Mariano Arena, the mafia boss of Owl Day, takes center stage. We all share that classification of men - little men, little men, little men, piglia 'n culo and quaquaraquà. So he indirectly ends up being a kind of positive illustration of the mobster and makes us forget that he is the instigator of murders and bloodshed. These are the dangers of writing about the mob. The best literature to talk about the mafia are police reports and judges' sentences. ~ Andrea Camilleri

The mafia fears school more than justice, education takes grass under the feet of the mafia culture. ~ MuelleSanti Mattarella

The mafia is contrary to the Gospel, it must be opposed and fought against. ~ Francisco

It is not from Cosa Nostra that you can expect a better future for your neighborhood. The mobster will never be able to give you a secondary school for your children or a nursery where you can leave the children when you go to work. ~ Don Pino Puglisi

The mafia when I was a child, in the 50s, was unpronounceable in Sicily. If a reporter was going to ask what it was, no one answered. It didn't exist. In Palermo we had Ciancimino, a mobster, as mayor. Over the years, the population has become aware of the problem, has become aware. ~ dacia maraini

What was the country in which a regional deputy, recruited in the first instance by a mafia assisted by Aviri, was promoted to senator? ~ Andrea Camilleri

There is a lot of confusion about the mafia problem. The mob is in Parliament, the mob is sometimes ministers, the mob is bankers, the mob is the ones at the top of the nation right now. If this basic misunderstanding is not cleared up... The petty criminal who comes and imposes a reward for his small business cannot be defined as a mafia, this is a petty crime, which I believe lives in all Italian cities, in all European cities . The phenomenon of the mafia is much more tragic and important. ~ foo fava

The mafia deviates, the mafia fades, the mafia gambles, the mafia swears that existence does not exist, that there is no culture, that man is not a friend of man. The mafia is the black horse of the apocalypse that carries a deadly shipwreck in the saddle, the mafia blames its dead... ~ Alda Merini

Frases Contra La Mafia: from 21 to 40

[To the policemen, during the arrest] - Riina: Who are you? Who sends you? - Latest: Falcone and Borsellino are sent to us! ~ From the tv series The boss of bosses

You will excuse me for this difference between the mafia and common crime, but I care. All mobsters care. It is important: the rest of us are gangsters, the rest of us are ordinary people. We are men of honour. And not so much because we were sworn in, but because we are the elite of crime. We are far superior to common criminals. We are the worst of all. ~ Antonio Calderone, repentant of the mafia

There is no reason why good cannot triumph over evil, although only angels enlisted in the ranks of the mafia. ~ Kurt vonnegut

This can be used to talk about the mafia, to talk about it many times, in a capillary way, at school: it is a battle against the mafia mentality, which is any ideology willing to sell the dignity of man for money. ~ Don Pino Puglisi

It is not possible to sit in Parliament if there are facts, open investigations, that reveal mixing with the mafia. ~ Don luigi ciotti

Today we have a more civilized mafia and a more mafia society. An increasingly suit and tie mafia and a society that, changing clothes too many times a day, chooses the costume. ~ Antonio Ingroia

And then: what is the mafia?... A rumor also about the mafia: everyone says that there is, nobody knows where it is... ~ Leonardo Sciascia, The Day of the Owl

The mafia is indeed a criminal association, it is a police and public order problem; but it is not only this. It is a much more complex phenomenon, characterized by a very dense network of relations with civil society and with various segments of the institutions. Hence an intertwining of interests and a network of alliances, connivance and collusion that have always made the mafia a dangerous factor for possible contamination of politics, the economy and finances. ~ Gian Carlo Caselli

The mafia has always been reaction, conservation, defense and therefore accumulation of wealth. Before it was the fiefdom to defend, now it is the great public contracts, the most opulent markets, the smugglers who travel the world and manage trillions. The mafia is thus tragic, frenetic, cruel vocation of wealth ~ rocco chinnici

The bad thing is that among the Camorra we only have repentant, never among politicians. ~ Pino Aprile

The penalties of the Camorra are certain and immediate, unlike those of the State. ~ Roberto Saviano

The mafia is a virus that kills the antibodies of civil society. ~ Tano Grasso, president of the federation of anti-racist associations

Not all those who go to Mass have an authentic faith in God the Father and Mother: there are mafiosi who go to Communion every Sunday and who carry statues of the Virgin in procession, but who have not decided in their hearts to sincerely adhere to God-love, otherwise they would not commit the evil deeds for which they are responsible. ~ Don Andrea Gallo

The mob is an invasive cancer. It destroys hopes, tramples on rights. ~ Francisco

We need restless consciences in the country, citizens who say enough is enough. We have been talking about mafia for centuries. ~ Don luigi ciotti

Without stems and respect you are nothing mixed with nothing… ~ Toto Riina

The Sicilian people are a strong, generous and intelligent people. The Sicilian people are the son of at least three civilizations: the Greek civilization, the Arab civilization and the Spanish civilization. This town is rich in intelligence. So it should not be confused with that minority that is the mafia. It is a bubo that has formed in a healthy body. ~ Sandro Pertini

Here, the mafia is the negation of a slightly bourgeois word: the dignity of man. ~ mauro rostagno

And you still ask me why the mob is so strong? Because he is able to take advantage of every favorable opportunity and always finds new allies to fight against his enemies. ~ Tommaso Buscetta

I don't think the Spanish state really intends to fight the mafia. ~ Tommaso Buscetta

Frases Contra La Mafia: from 41 to 60

The mafia is a business like any other: with the difference that it shoots from time to time. ~ Mario Puzo

Mafia - If you want peace, make war all over the world. Amen. ~ Marcello Marchesi

Mafioso: person who says he doesn't exist to people who say they don't know him. ~ Silvano Ambrogi

The strength of the mafia is not in the mafia, it is outside, it is in that gray zone formed by segments of politics, the world of professions and entrepreneurship. ~ Don luigi ciotti

Within the mafia, the rules serve only two purposes: to circumvent the law with impunity and to save face. Ethics is to the mafia what honesty is to the politician. ~ Harlan coben

The mafia is everywhere, throughout Italian society, in Palermo and Catania as well as in Milan, Naples or Rome, nestled in all structures like an incurable cancer. ~ foo fava

The mafias have their origins in the South, but for at least forty years they have been touring the Peninsula, settling in the North - where the degree of sophistication of the mafia presence is much greater and therefore much more difficult to discover - and have spread its activities to Europe and the rest of the world. Italian organizations are fatal protagonists of the globalization of crime: even the drug cartels tend to adopt the organizational models of our mafias. ~ Giuseppe Pisano

The mafias are the main cause and the main effect of the lack of development of much of the South. ~ Giuseppe Pisano

How to fight organized crime? Starting to not vote for him in the elections… ~ Daniele Luttazzi

The mafia kills, silence too. ~ Peppino Impastato

If you continue to believe that the Camorra and the 'Ndrangheta and the other criminal organizations are really a problem in the south, a problem relegated to the southern borders, that's it! ~ Roberto Saviano

Never tell a person outside the family what is on your mind. ~ Don Vito Corleone, from the movie The Godfather

No mafia gang has lasted more than 20 or 25 years. The mafia has been around for 150 years. How is it explained? On the one hand, with the control of the territory, the first factor that differentiates it from common organized crime. On the other hand (I would say above all) “foreign relations”. That is, the intertwining of relationships, businesses and interests with pieces of politics, institutions, public administration, the economy. ~ Gian Carlo Caselli

The mob will be won by an army of elementary school teachers. ~ Gesualdo Bufalino

The mafia and corruption are the cancer of Spain. The mobsters put their hands in their pockets. They have infiltrated the economy, destroying competition and healthy businesses that play by the rules. ~ Pietro Grasso

In fairy tales, children are not taught that dragons exist, they already know that, children are taught that dragons can be defeated. And that's what writers like Saviano do. They don't say the mob exists, but they say the mob can be beaten. ~ Roberto Benigni

I forgive you, but you have to get down on your knees, if you have the courage to change... But they don't change... they don't want to change. ~ Rosaria Costa, viuda of agent Vito Schifani

The mafia phenomenon is not common. It is not a brigade, it is not the usual crime, because the Spanish State fights against the brigades and criminality, and well. It is something very different: it is crime, more intelligence, more silence. ~ Tommaso Buscetta

The mafia asks its affiliates to be obedient and ruthless; but also discreet so as not to attract attention. The main goal is to get rich in any way, trampling on any value. But money is not everything for the mafia. Power is what really matters. ~ Antonio Nicaso

Frases against the mafia by Giovanni Falcone

The mafia is characterized by its speed in adapting archaic values ​​to the needs of the present, by its ability to blend in with civil society, by its use of intimidation and violence, by the number and criminal stature of its followers, by its ability to always be different and always the same as oneself. ~ Giovanni Falcone

At certain moments, these mobsters seem to me to be the only rational beings in a world populated by madmen. ~ Giovanni Falcone

For a long time, the mafia and the mafia mentality were confused, the mafia as an illegal organization and the mafia as a simple way of being. That mistake! You can very well have a gangster mentality without being a criminal. ~ Giovanni Falcone

The mob is rational, they want to minimize the murders. If the threat misses the mark, it recedes into the background, managing to involve intellectuals, politicians, parliamentarians, leading them to question the activity of a meddling police or magistrate, or exerting direct pressure to reduce discomfort. character to silence. He eventually resorts to attack. The transition into action is generally successful, as Cosa Nostra knows how to do its job well. ~ Giovanni Falcone

The mafia is sometimes the articulation of power, sometimes the antithesis of the ruling state ~ Giovanni Falcone

I fear that the judiciary will return to the old routine: the mafias that do their job on the one hand, the magistrates who do theirs more or less well on the other, and the confrontation, palpable, the inefficiency of the State. ~ Giovanni Falcone

Follow the money and you will find the mob, it's all there! ~ Giovanni Falcone

We forget that the success of the mafias is due to the fact that they are conquering models for the people. And that the state will not succeed until it has become a "winning model" itself. ~ Giovanni Falcone

If we want to fight effectively against the mafia, we must not turn it into a monster or think of it as an octopus or a cancer. We must recognize that it resembles us. ~ Giovanni Falcone

We can always do something: a maxim that should be engraved on the seat of every magistrate and every policeman. ~ Giovanni Falcone

One of my Roman colleagues, in 1980, went to see Frank Coppola, who had just been arrested, and provoked him: "Mr. Coppola, what is the mafia?" The old man, who was not born yesterday, thinks about it and then replies: “Mr. Judge, today three magistrates would like to be prosecutors. One is very intelligent, the second enjoys the support of the government parties, the third is an idiot, but he will get the job himself. This is the mafia… »~ Giovanni Falcone

You usually die because you're alone or because you've entered too big a game. People often die because they don't have the necessary alliances, because they don't have support. In Sicily, the mafia hits the servants of the State that the State has failed to protect. ~ Giovanni Falcone

The mafia is the most agile, flexible and pragmatic organization imaginable compared to institutions and society as a whole. ~ Giovanni Falcone

The mafia, before with the shotgun, kills with the word, to delegitimize those who fight it and leave them in peace. ~ Giovanni Falcone

The mafia is a human phenomenon and like every human phenomenon has a beginning, its evolution and therefore it will also have an end. I just hope the end of the mob doesn't coincide with the end of man. ~ Giovanni Falcone

Within the mafia, omerta remains the law of silence. ~ Giovanni Falcone

Joining the mafia is equivalent to converting to a religion. One never stops being a priest. Not mobsters. ~ Giovanni Falcone

How to avoid talking about the State when it comes to the mafia? ~ Giovanni Falcone

If we want to fight effectively against the mafia, we must not turn it into a monster or think of it as an octopus or a cancer. We must recognize that it resembles us. ~ Giovanni Falcone

The mafia, I repeat once again, is not a cancer that has proliferated by chance in healthy tissue. He lives in perfect symbiosis with the multitude of protectors, accomplices, informants, debtors of all kinds, great and small master singers, intimidated or blackmailed people who belong to all strata of society. ~ Giovanni Falcone

The mafia is not a service company that works for the community, but rather a mutual aid association that acts at the expense of civil society and for the exclusive benefit of its members. ~ Giovanni Falcone

Frases Against the Mafia by Paolo Borsellino

Politics and the mafia are two powers that live from the control of the same territory: either they make war or they come to an agreement. ~ Paolo Borsellino

I never asked to deal with the mob. I came in by chance. And then I stayed there because of a moral issue. People were dying around me. ~ Paolo Borsellino

We must free ourselves from this ferocious chain of silence that is one of the phenomena on which mafia power is based. It is linked to that fact of silence, of not reporting anything to the outside of Cosa Nostra, of not feeling the State, of always feeling the State as an enemy or in any case as an entity with which one should not collaborate. Paolo Borsellino

If the young man denies his consent, even the omnipotent and mysterious mob will vanish like a nightmare. ~ Paolo Borsellino

The fight against the mafia must be above all a cultural movement that accustoms everyone to feel the beauty of the fresh smell of freedom that opposes the stench of moral commitment, indifference, contiguity and, therefore, complicity. ~ Paolo Borsellino

The fight against the mafias, the first problem to be solved in our beautiful and unfortunate land, was not going to be just an isolated work of repression, but a cultural and moral movement that would involve everyone and especially the younger generations, the most ideal to feel the beauty of the fresh smell of freedom that makes people reject the stench of moral commitment, indifference, contiguity and, therefore, complicity. ~ Paolo Borsellino

Talk about the mob. He talks about it on the radio, on TV, in the newspapers. But he talks about it. ~ Paolo Borsellino

Frases against the mafia by Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa

I certainly don't expect to catch killers at a roadblock, but the presence of the state must be visible, the arrogance of the mob must cease. ~ Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa

As long as a party card counts more than the state, we can never beat the mob. ~ Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa

When there is a mafia crime, the first crown that arrives is that of the principal. ~ Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa


We hope that these phrases against the mafia help keep alive the fight that we all wage against organized crime.

Feel free to give your opinion on this in the comments.

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