Phrases about self-esteem: 21 aphorisms that raise it

Phrases about self-esteem: we see the most effective to help us believe in ourselves.

Phrases about self-esteem: 21 aphorisms that raise it

Improving self-esteem is not at all simple and often becomes even more complicated when we think we can increase it quickly.

The hard truth is that to improve our self-confidence we have to start a growth path structured and well thought out.

It is not enough to apply an alleged quantum brain technique or some weird methodology explained by the industry gurus who haunt the education sector.

In this article we see 21 aphorisms about self-esteem that can be read day by day integrate the path to raise our self-confidence.

These aphorisms are not positive phrases or motivational phrases, but they serve more than anything else to reflect on our level of self-esteem and to take awareness of our shortcomings.

As always, I do not recommend you to eat a feast of quotes but to read one a day for 21 days.

Before you start reading the sentences, know that if you really want to increase your self-esteem, take my free mini-course.

21 phrases about empowering self-esteem

True self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves when something goes wrong.

Nathaniel Branden

We know that loving each other when everything goes great is easy, but what if something doesn't go the way it should?

In these situations we can find out if our self-esteem has a good level or if we don't have enough to overcome the difficulties of life.

We can use this aphorism about self-esteem as a self-assessment test to correctly understand if we need to work on ourselves.

Having that sense of one's intrinsic worth that constitutes self-respect means potentially having everything.

Joan didion

As I have repeated many times, having respect for oneself is the basis from which to start anything life project.

By virtue of the fact that we act based on what we believe we are capable of doing, if we evaluate that we can reach a goal we will put ourselves in a position to really achieve it.

On the contrary, if we do not consider ourselves capable of doing something, we automatically cannot even hope to do it.

The worst loneliness is not feeling good about yourself.

Mark Twain

This is one of them phrases about self-esteem that are particularly dear to me.

Like it or not, in some moments of our life we ​​are alone.

Learning to be comfortable with yourself does not mean deliberately and negatively seeking isolation, but learn from loneliness to feel better in any situation.

We must ask ourselves why we are not well alone and have an indirect need for the approval of others.

When you are able to applaud yourself, it is much easier to applaud others.

Denis Waitley

A typical characteristic of someone who is at peace with himself is to be able to collaborate and to positively evaluate the success of others without feeling personally attached.

On the other hand, those who are not right with themselves generally have a tendency to attack and criticize others for a lack within themselves.

Why should others believe in us when we believe so little ourselves?

Roberto Gervaso

This quote about self-esteem it does not need particular reflections.

We should always ask ourselves this question, I have not yet found a satisfactory answer.

First, tell yourself who you want to be; then he does everything accordingly.


I used this phrase when I posted an aphorism on the blog's Instagram page.

However, we must be careful not to ask too much of ourselves, because the difference between who we are and what we want to be could affect our self-esteem.

You can't please everyone.


This is a lesson that I have deepened in the article dedicated to life lessons.

We are told over and over that we cannot please everyone but often, despite understanding this fact, we still have a tendency not to behave as we really want to.

Understanding that it is not realistically possible to please everyone is one of the first steps to go to meet your true self.

To believe in his own path, one warrior does not need to prove that the other's is wrong.

Paulo Coelho

We can easily track down people with low self-esteem by understanding if they feel the need to destroy something for build your own personality.

If we notice within ourselves the tendency to destroy, criticize and tarnish the work of others to bring out ourselves, it can be a very important signal that something is wrong.

People with true self-esteem can follow and enhance their own path without feeling the need to demolish that of others.

Self-confidence is the first secret of success.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've talked about it in almost all of my articles dedicated to success: if we set ourselves ambitious goals, we need an excellent level of self-esteem to achieve them.

This is one of those self-esteem phrases that should make you think about your success.

Whatever your definition of success and personal achievement, you need to increase your self-esteem before you reach it.

A big mistake: believing oneself more than what one is and esteeming oneself less than what one is worth.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Achieving your ideal level of self-esteem is not easy and this quote on self-esteem reminds us that it is difficult to estimate yourself correctly.

Obviously, those with low self-esteem value themselves less than they are worth, but there is also the opposite problem.

Appreciate ourselves more than what we are worth, that is become inflated balloons.

Becoming a balloon is a recurring fear of those who would like to raise the self-confidence that often blocks us.

We must understand that having the right amount of self-confidence does not mean being inflated balloons but having a self-esteem consistent with your personality.

Whether you think you can or you don't, you are right.

Henry Ford

This is one of the phrases about self-esteem that I absolutely prefer because with very few words it puts before us the principle of self-fulfilling prophecy.

What we believe we can do or not do strongly determines the result we will achieve.

If we have good self-esteem we will be much more conducive to success rather than failure.

The main task in everyone's life is to give birth to himself.

Erich Fromm

Improving your self-esteem also means having a chance to fulfill yourself.

This is one of the most inspiring self-esteem quotes and one that clearly highlights the correlation between self-confidence and personal growth.

For people who do not esteem themselves, success is worth zero, failure is worth double.

Giorgio Nardone

This aphorism about self-esteem well pinpoints a common problem of those who don't have one good self-evaluation.

Our failures are cleverly eclipsed while the times we fail we magnify failure by valuing it.

To counter this process we need to become aware of this mechanism.

To do this, I recommend that you write a RELO personal diary.

Life has this strange thing, that if you want to get nothing but the best, very often you can get it.

W. Somerset Maugham

This sentence refers us to the theory of attraction, very often in fact we have a tendency to conform our results with our expectations by adapting along the way.

Therefore, thinking positively and having ambitious goals is essential to achieve extraordinary results.

Until you appreciate yourself, you don't value your time. Until you value your time, you won't do anything with it.

M. Scott Peck

Having low self-esteem does not allow us to appreciate and value our time by giving more value to that of others.

Time, on the other hand, has the same importance for everyone and must be respected without distinctions dictated by our self-esteem.

Having a high self-esteem is feeling serenely appropriate to life.

Nathaniel Branden

When we suffer from low confidence in our abilities, we always feel inadequate.

This is one of the phrases about self-esteem that can raise our awareness of our opinion of ourselves.

If you often feel inadequate in your daily life or if you think you don't have interesting things to say you probably need to work on your self-esteem.

We must have the pride of believing in what we do and do what we believe in.

Giuseppe D'Oria

Self-esteem is the direct consequence of our actions, when we do not act in a manner consistent with what we believe the evaluation of ourselves drops.

It is therefore vital always align our values with the actions we perform.

To do this you can make a list of the 6 values ​​that you feel most important and try to move in a direction consistent with this list.

Belief in yourself helps the rest of the world believe in you.

Guido Rojetti

One of the defining characteristics of true leaders is believing in their abilities and skills.

Inevitably when we spend our time with other people we end up influencing them, for better or for worse.

Consequently the more we believe in ourselves, the more we nurture a virtuous circle of self-esteem, also prompting others to believe in our abilities.

To get what you want in life, you must believe in yourself and have the will to persist in your efforts. Try again and keep trying.

Dale Carnegie

Phrase suitable both to find motivation and to improve self-confidence.

Even when we fail, if we have a good one awareness of our abilities, we can try and try again without affecting our self-esteem.

The core of your personality is self-esteem, "how much you like yourself". The more you like and respect yourself, the better you will do in whatever you want to undertake.

Brian Tracy

When I told you about creativity it emerged that it is a pro-active process and not a sudden enlightenment.

Even with self-esteem, a similar argument applies: the more we consider ourselves capable, the more we obtain results and consequently we will increase our self-esteem.

He believes in himself so much that he doesn't need others to believe in himself.

Roberto Gervaso

As I often repeat, self-esteem of pure quality and higher comes from within us.

External sources of self-esteem are also partly important but we must always prefer and nurture self-esteem that comes from deep inside.

With this strategy we do not become dependent on the acceptance of others.

Motivating self-esteem quotes

Phrases about self-esteem: 21 aphorisms that raise it

For self-esteem the exact same speech applies to motivation.

We can't increase it by watching a 3-minute video or reading a sentence about self-esteem.

Increasing self-confidence and bringing it to its ideal level is a long and tortuous path, so let's use these aphorisms about self-esteem as daily integration and as a support to a real path of self improvement.

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