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Below is the list of the best phrases about fake people, falsehood and fake friends. We have divided it into 2 parts: the first part is about popular quotes about fake people and the second about quotes about fake friends.

Phrases about Fake People (Part 1)
Phrases about Fake People (Part 2)
Phrases about False Friends

Quotes about falsehood and false people (Part 1)

Phrases about Falsehood and False People: from 1 to 20

Believing in something and not living it is dishonesty. ~  Mahatma Gandhi

Hypocrisy is not a weapon of the hypocrite, but his prison. ~  Nicholas Gomez Davila

What advantage do liars have? That when they tell the truth they are not believed. ~  Aristotle

The lie is easy, the truth so difficult. ~  George Eliot

Love everyone, believe in a few and do no harm to anyone. ~  William Shakespeare

There is little friendship in the world and much less between equals. ~  Francis Bacon

Everyone says they are friends, but crazy who trusts them; nothing is more common than the name, nothing more rare than the thing. ~  Jean de La Fontaine

Then go to the friend. If he is truly your friend, he rejoices in your good fortune without reservation. But if he is not really your friend, the worm of envy enters his heart and gnaws at it. ~  Alberto Moravia

Men are more moralistic than they think and much more immoral than they can imagine. ~  Sigmund Freud

The number of people who envy us confirms our capabilities. ~  Oscar Wilde

Do you have enemies? Good. This means that you have fought for something at some point in your life. ~  Winston Churchill

Flatterers resemble friends as wolves resemble dogs. ~  John Jay Chapman

There is a degree of inveterate falsehood that is called a clear conscience. ~  Friedrich Nietzsche

Neither contradiction is a sign of falsehood, nor consistency is a sign of truth. ~  Blaise Pascal

Do not trust those who promise to make you rich overnight. They are usually crazy or cheaters. ~  Carlo Collodi

There are many people in the world, but there are still more faces, because they all have different faces. ~  Rainer Maria Rilke

Those who are good at making excuses are not good at anything else. ~  Benjamin Franklin

It is amazing how complete is the illusion that beauty is goodness. ~  Lev Tolstoy

I would distinguish moral people from moralists, because many of those who talk about ethics, by dint of discussing it, do not have time to practice it. ~  Julio Andreotti

Envy blinds men and prevents them from thinking clearly. ~  Malcolm x

Quotes about falsehood and false people: 21 to 40

There is no rest for the one who envies, and there is no love for the rude. ~  Ali ibn Abi Talib

True obscurantism does not consist in preventing the spread of what is true, clear and useful, but in putting what is false into circulation. ~  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Feeling envy is human, savoring the joy of others' harm is diabolical. ~  Arthur Schopenhauer

With a lie, a man annihilates his dignity as a man. ~  Immanuel Kant

If you don't tell the truth about yourself, you can't tell the truth about other people. ~  Virginia Woolf

When you deal with people, remember that you are not dealing with creatures moved by logic, but with creatures full of prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity. ~  Dale Carnegie

Trust, but verify. ~  Ronald Reagan

It doesn't bother me that you lied to me, it bothers me because from now on I can't believe you anymore. ~  Friedrich Nietzsche

Everyone wants your good: be careful that they don't take it away from you. ~  Stanisław Jerzy Lec

Envy is the cowardly side of hate, and all its ways are dark and desolate. ~  Charles Caleb Colton

In fact, we have two kinds of morals side by side: one that we preach but don't practice, and one that we practice but rarely preach. ~  Bertrand Russell

He who allows himself to tell a lie once finds it much easier to do it a second time. ~  Thomas Jefferson

We are all sinners. But the Lord does not allow us to be hypocrites. Hypocrites do not know the meaning of God's forgiveness, joy and love. ~  Francisco

All falsehood is a mask, and even if the mask is well made, it is always possible, with a little attention, to distinguish it from the face. ~  Alexandre Dumas

The true hypocrite is the one who fails to carry out his deception, lying sincerely. ~  André Gide

The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is in itself hypocrisy. ~  William Hazlitt

Anything is better than lies and deceit. ~  Lev Tolstoy

Envy is the tax that must be paid by all those who excel at something. ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Envy is the stupidest of vices, because not a single advantage can be gained from it. ~  Honoré de Balzac

How stupid is he who tries to remedy the hatred in his eyes with a smile on his lips. ~  Khalil Gibran

Aphorisms about falsehood and false people: from 41 to 60

It's daunting to think how many people are shocked by honesty and how few are shocked by fiction. ~  Noël Coward

Whoever envies another recognizes his superiority. ~  Samuel Johnson

Hypocrite: Man who murdered his parents and then begged for mercy for being an orphan. ~  Abraham Lincoln

You will learn the hard way that on the long road of life you will find many masks and few faces. ~  Luigi Pirandello

If someone cheats on you once, it's their mistake; If someone cheats on you twice, it's your mistake. ~  Eleanor Roosevelt

Friends call themselves sincere. But only enemies are. ~  Arthur Schopenhauer

No one can show one face to himself and another to people for too long without knowing which one is true. ~  Nathaniel Hawthorne

Man is an animal that pretends, and he is never so much himself as when he acts. ~  William Hazlitt

Abhorrent to me, like the gates of Hades, is the man who hides one thing in his belly and says another. ~  Homer

If you want to know what people say about you when you're not around, listen to what they say about others in your presence. ~  Jean-Benjamin de La Borde

A half truth is usually a big lie. ~  Benjamin Franklin

Who dies without taking at least one kick received as a gift from a friend to the grave? ~  William Shakespeare

There are many people in the world, but there are still more faces, because they all have different faces. ~  Rainer Maria Rilke

Most people are other people. Your thoughts are someone else's opinion, your life an imitation, your passions a date. ~  Oscar Wilde

There are no more acid people than those who are sweet for interest. ~  Luc de Clapiers de Vauvenargues

The most profitable trade would be to buy people for what they are worth and resell them for what they think they are worth. ~  Vera de Benardaky

Worse than a liar there is only one liar who is also a hypocrite. ~  Tennessee Williams

People are very inclined to set the moral standards of others. ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

The only thing that man can betray is his conscience. ~  Joseph conrad

There are so many fake diamonds in this life that pass for real, and vice versa. ~  William Makepeace Thackeray

There are three things in the world that do not deserve mercy: hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny. ~  Frederick William Robertson

Phrases and Quotes about Falsehood and False People

"The lie is easy, the truth so difficult." ~ George Eliot

"All falsehood is a mask, and no matter how well the mask is made, it is always possible, with a little attention, to distinguish it from the face." ~ Alexandre Dumas

“Some people are good. Some are false. Others are really good at being fake." ~ Snoopy

"It's disheartening to think how many people are surprised by honesty and how few are surprised by fiction." ~ Noël Coward

"Every man is a born hypocrite." ~ Kierkegaard

"You will learn the hard way that in life's long journey you will come across many masks and few faces." ~ Luigi Pirandello

"The most difficult and exhausting of all vices, hypocrisy is a XNUMX-hour task." ~ Authorless

"Falsehood has infinite combinations, but truth has only one way of being." ~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful what we pretend to be." ~ K. Vonnegut

"How stupid is he who tries to remedy the hatred in his eyes with a smile on his lips." ~ Khalil Gibran

"Hypocrisy is not the tool of the hypocrite, but his prison." ~ Nicholas Gomez Davila

"We must be careful with two categories of people: those who have no personality and those who have more than one." ~ Authorless

Phrases about false friends's much worse when fake people are your friends, we hope these phrases don't bother you too much...

Phrases about false friends and false people: 1 to 20

Parents always notice their children's false friends~ Authorless

A friendship that ended was never sincere. ~ San Jeronimo

Are you saying that friends in need are rare? Backwards! As soon as she befriends someone, she immediately finds herself in need and would like to borrow money. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Don't wait for your fake friend to leave you, be the first to get away from him. ~ indian proverb

We must be careful with two categories of people: those who have no personality and those who have more than one. ~ Authorless

False friends, they want you to be fine, but not better than them. pay attention~ NMargheNiki, Twitter

If you lose someone because you show yourself exactly who you are, you haven't really lost anything~ Authorless

A friend you thought sincere is scarier than a wild beast; a wild beast can hurt your body, but a false friend hurts your soul. ~ Buddha

I ended friendships. Not for a second did it occur to me "I'm left without friends" because it's better alone than with hypocritical friends, double agents, indifferent and exploited. ~ Authorless

Unfortunately, there are many false friends willing to lend us umbrellas only when the weather is nice. ~ Romano Battaglia

I believe that friendship is based on the exploitation of human beings by other human beings. ~ Presa Janowitz

You should smile a little more if only to confuse the enemies. Or false friends. ~ Alemarsia, Twitter

Men should not be judged by their friendships: Judas associated with blameless people! ~ Marcello Marchesi

Friendship diminishes when there is too much happiness on one side and too much bad luck on the other. ~ Isabella Kazimira Jagiello

Success will make you false friends and true enemies. ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

There are individuals composed only of facade, such as unfinished houses due to lack of money. They have the entrance worthy of a great palace, but the internal rooms are comparable to miserable huts. ~ Baltasar Gracian

The small house and the long road show who is the true friend. ~ spanish proverb

When you let go of years of friendship to overshadow yourself and live 24 hours with your boyfriend, you show that you are false and bad people. ~ Twitter

I was never interested in pleasing anyone. I prefer a real dislike to a false friendship. ~ big moon

The most despicable of men: the false friend for interest. ~ Axel Oxenstiern

Phrases about false friends and false people: 21 to 40

The oldest profession in the world is that of those who practice false friendship. ~ Alemarsia, Twitter

Three things are ephemeral: the oaths of women, the friendship of the powerful and the winter sun. ~ Proverbs

Tomorrow tomorrow! said the false friend. ~ Proverbs

It is easier to defend against an enemy than against a friend. ~ James Cole

Only true friends will tell you when your face is dirty. ~ Sicilian proverb

Everyone says they are friends, but crazy who trusts them; nothing is more common than the name, nothing more rare than the thing. ~ Jean de La Fontaine

We fear our enemy, but the greatest and truest fear is that of a false friend who is sweet to your face and cowardly behind your back. ~ Muftí Ismail Menk

I wonder if a fake friend was ever really a friend. The falsehood of friends is sharp as a weapon and it hurts, pity. ~ Stephen Pocapalabra

The useful thing about adversity is that we need to distinguish false friends from true friends. ~ Auguste de Labouisse-Rochefort

The false friend is like the shadow that follows us while the sun lasts. ~ carlo dossi

Fail and your friends will feel superior. Succeed and they will resent you. ~ mason cooely

True friends see your mistakes and point them out to you, false friends see them the same way but point them out to others. ~ Authorless

The world is full of false friends, tricksters and hypocrites with pretty masks. ~ Henri-Frederic Amiel

Friend to all, friend to none. ~ Proverbs

Fake friends, create rumours, Real friends, believe in you. ~ Authorless

I am not afraid of the enemy that attacks me, but of the false friend that embraces me. ~ Authorless

False friendship, that's a crime. ~ Fragmentarius

False friends are more dangerous than declared enemies. ~ Henri-Frederic Amiel

False friends are like beans: they talk behind the scenes. ~ Authorless

Those who have many friends are unlucky, they are naive~ Silvana Baroni

Phrases about false friends and false people: 41 to 60

You can hide your face behind a smile, but there is one thing you cannot hide. That's when you're rotten inside. ~ John Lennon

A true friendship begins with what is shared, continues with respect for differences, grows with confrontation and even with conflicts, resists time, distance and silence, but it is extinguished and dies forever with betrayal! ~ enzo white

Did you know that we use the generic name "butterfly" to define 165.000 different species? Did you know that we do the same when we say "friend"? ~ diodeglizilla, Twitter

After all, you have no friends, you only have accomplices. And when the complicity ends, the friendship disappears. ~ Pierre reverdy

Today friends are no longer fashionable. Men are only united by interest: friendship is just a name. ~ Buttons

True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like leaves, they are everywhere. ~ Authorless

Those who have become friends out of convenience will end up being friends out of convenience~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The fierce anger of the lion is better than the false friendship of the hyena. ~ Proverbs

Friendship is on the lips of many but in the hearts of few. ~ Livia Casimiro

One friend who is with you in times of despair is more precious than a hundred who are with you in pleasure. ~ Edward G. Bulwer

You will learn the hard way that on the long road of life you will find many masks and few faces. ~ Luigi Pirandello

Do not fear loneliness, but false friendship. ~ Authorless

Believing that friendship exists is like believing that furniture has a soul. ~ Marcel Proust

Who finds a friend finds a treasure. Whoever finds a treasure doesn't give a damn about his friend. ~ Iván Della Mea

False friends are like those guests who get up when the table is empty. ~ Chinese proverb

Everybody wants powerful friends. But they want more powerful. ~ Elias Canetti

False friendship covers you with its wings and tears you apart with its beak. ~ Proverbs

False friends disappear in times of need. ~ Proverbs

Most people enjoy the inferiority of their best friends. ~ Lord Chesterfield

Who stops being a friend, has never been a friend. ~ Hesiod

Phrases about false friends and false people: 61 to 80

False friends are like shadows: they appear when the sky is clear, they disappear when it's cloudy. ~ Proverbs

When everything is going smoothly and there are no setbacks, it is difficult to distinguish true friends from false friends; but when adversity comes, friendship is shown. In fact, in the moment of urgency, true friends get closer and closer, while false ones get further and further away. ~ Mateo Ricci

Few are the person's friends and many are lucky. ~ William of Great Britain

I believe that, in the lives of all of us, there are true friends and false friends. It's easy to get along when everything is fine and you're having fun. Unfortunately, things don't always work out. There are also difficulties to overcome and serious problems to face. And it is precisely in those moments, when you need comfort, that you can understand if the friendship is true or not. ~ From the manga series Pretty Cure

I am sure that if all men knew what each other said, there would not be four friends in the world. ~ Blaise Pascal

The friend is the one who does not misbehave with us. ~ Francesco alberoni

I would have taken a bullet for them, and they were the first to shoot me. ~ Monster

There are three positive and three negative friendships. It is beneficial to have a sincere friend, an honest friend, or a friend with many connections. It is disadvantageous to have a false friend, a flattering friend, a talkative friend. ~ Confucius

In the most important moments, I prefer a good song to a bunch of fake friends. ~ Rudy Zerbi

Fake friends tell you that they are always there, true friends are just there~ massi_ba68, Twitter

Those who regard friendship as a game of chess always lose the game in the end. ~ Ramon Éder

Those who only look for you when they have a problem are not friends. are trouble~ Rudy Zerbi

A friend is the one who tells you when you're wrong. A false friend gives you reasons to indulge, but if you fall, he leaves you ~ Authorless

False friends are the ones who ask you to do things that they would never do for you. ~ Authorless

Over time everything is revealed: the most hidden lies, the most avid reasons, the most false friends. ~ Nicolás Brunettini

From time to time it is good to shake the tree of friendship, so that the rotten fruits fall. ~ African proverb

I have always liked the fairness of friendship, not convenience. ~ MagFra9, Twitter

Sure, breakups hurt, but have you ever seen your best friend turn into a stranger? ~ Im_ImErUb, Twitter

I prefer a sincere enemy to most of the friends I have known. ~ Ernest Hemingway

The friendship of those who are friends for profit dissolves along with the interest that arouses it, since they are not friends with each other, but for profit. ~ Aristotle

Phrases about false friends and false people: 81 to 100

The false friend has sugar in his mouth and gall in his heart. ~ Proverbs

There are good friends and fake friends... but mostly friends who are good at being fake. ~ Authorless

I divide my enemies into 2 categories: true enemies and false friends. I have almost respect for the first. ~ Authorless

We are all impostors in this world, we all pretend to be something we are not. ~ Richard Bach

Nobody has ever chosen for friends those who are in extreme poverty. ~ Lucan

A false friend can do more damage than a thousand enemies. ~ Said Zen

Nothing more dangerous than a false friend, a false esteem, constructed feelings, a strategic smile. I can not get used to it. ~ stressmike, Twitter

False friends are like leaves from trees, they fall with the wind of adversity like leaves with the breath of winter. ~ Jules Sandeau

As rare as true love is, true friendship is rarer still. ~ François de La Rochefoucauld

To find a friend, you have to turn a blind eye; so as not to lose it, both of them. ~ Norman Douglas

The worst enemy are those who pretend to be friends ~ Proverbs

Bad luck reveals those who are not really friends, but who have only been friends out of interest: time detects them both. ~ Aristotle

How many people profane the name of friendship. In some friendship is nothing more than the art of lies and interest, in others it is a stratagem to more easily reach the ends. It is much better to live alone than to open your soul to such friends~ Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The false friend walks away only the moment you stop giving what interested him. ~ Narogoran, Twitter

You can make more friends in two months by showing interest in others than in two years by trying to get others interested in you. ~ Dale Carnegie

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