Phosphorus: properties, benefits, curiosities

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Il phosphorus it is a precious mineral for calcium absorption and energy production, which calms and improves memory. Let's find out better.

> What is phosphorus

> Benefits and properties

>  Daily requirement of phosphorus

> Effects of phosphorus on the psyche and spirit

> How to use

> Curiosities and historical notes


What is phosphorus

Chemical symbol: P3-, P5+
Il phosphorus in the elementary state and at room temperature it is a minerale swhite and translucent solid, highly flammable and extremely toxic. When heated it turns into stable, non-poisonous red phosphorus, which oxidizes very slowly in the air.

It is the twelfth element in order of abundance on earth and, due to its high reactivity, it is never found in the free state in nature but combined with other minerals in inorganic phosphorous rocks and in all living cells (phosphoric acid e phosphates).

Phosphorus is an indispensable element in all energy transformations at the cellular level: in the human body it is present in the blood, bones, teeth, nervous tissue, heart, muscles, molecules of genetic material (DNA and RNA) and cell membranes.


Benefits and properties

Phosphorus contributes tocalcium absorption in the intestine (the ratio is 1 atom of phosphorus for every 2,5 of calcium). It strengthens the regenerative power of cells and is essential for bone formation, energy production and growth of the organism.

Phosphorus promotesuse of vitamins on the part of the body and is particularly effective in diseases of sight, hearing and smell. In addition, it performs a buffer function for maintaining the pH balance in the blood.

A phosphorus deficiency it can translate into bone demineralization, developmental delay and alteration, cardiac and neurological disorders, asthma and respiratory spasms, muscle atony, nervousness, stress. An excess, on the other hand, can cause an imbalance in the assimilation of calcium.


Daily requirement of phosphorus

The daily requirement of phosphorus is equal to that of calcium:

  • for adults it is about 800 mg;
  • 1000 mg for the elderly;
  • 1200 mg for adolescents and for pregnant or breastfeeding women. 

The two substances must always be balanced with each other.


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 Effects of phosphorus on the psyche and spirit

Phosphorus soothes the soul, improves memory and invigorates in case of fatigue and depression. It mitigates anger and irascibility, gives impetus to the determination of the subject and dissolves the defense mechanisms by stimulating awareness, sensitivity and intuition.


Method of use

The absorption and accumulation of phosphorus is favored by football, Vitamin A and D. According to theoligotherapy, the intake of trace elements in colloidal form allows the body to restore its balance, without deficiencies or excesses. Phosphorus has an action antispasmodic e diuretics and is used in case of Osteoporosis, asthma e cerebral asthenia, often in association with Manganese-Copper, Manganese-Cobalt and Copper-Silver-Gold in the spasmofilia which occurs in relation to the dysfunction of the parathyroid glands.

In crystal therapy it is customary to put in direct contact with the body the minerals with a high content of phosphorus, Such as'apatite, to get the desired results.


Curiosities and historical notes

The phosphorus (from the Greek phosphoros, "bearer of light"), perhaps already known to the Arab alchemists of the century. XII, was certainly obtained for the first time in 1669 by the German chemist Henning Brand by reducing the phosphate salts contained in urine, but only a century later Lavoisier recognized it with certainty as a chemical element. The name was later given to its properties of emitting a greenish light in the dark and spontaneously igniting in the air.


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