Philosophers interpret the world, you can change it

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Philosophers interpret the world, you can change it

Last update: May 17, 2016

As much as you may think about your thoughts, turn events around or believe it impossible, you can change the world, because you are the only masters of your own destiny: you alone have the power to decide how to live your life.

A philosopher interprets what happens and concerns the world. In this sense, we all have the ability to examine the events of life, even if sometimes we do not have the mental, cultural and social tools sufficient to obtain a complete picture of what surrounds us.

However, the possibility of changing what happens lies solely in us, kept deep in our hearts, our souls and our fighting spirit.

"Although nothing changes, if I change, everything changes."

-Honoré de Balzac-

You can change the world

Sometimes we end up believing that everything is already written in a kind of predetermined destiny, a harmful and devious thought. We would have had to play with cards and our life should revolve around this, with no further possibilities other than being mere spectators of what happens to us.

However, we must refuse to be puppets in the hands of powerful entities who believe in the power to decide what is best for us. We must never accept that others make decisions that are uniquely ours.

Furthermore, personally, I am lucky enough to be able to write for this fabulous project that is The Mind is Wonderful, and from this humble lookout tower to be able to sing the praises of those who have chosen to change the world to make it a more livable, supportive place. and appreciable for all.

I am not aiming to accomplish great deeds, to be a leader or to transform myself into a superior being, it would not make sense and would be a complete mistake. I don't even want to stay scratching the surface, using my skills only to make philosophy by interpreting the world around me. This would be cowardly.

I'm not who can tell you how to live your life. However, I can change mine, being able to describe it in this project that allows me to sing the praises of a human being who, thanks to his indomitable and fighting soul, is capable of transforming the world.

Struggle to change the world

Don't think you can't do anything because of your humility. Believe in your possibilities and start changing yourself. This is the first step in breaking free from preconceptions, initiating a transformation towards that person you always wanted to be, who you really are.

Change yourself to be better, more supportive, creative, full of love, affection, happy ... It is the first step towards creating a better world to live in. Only in this way will we be able to leave our children and grandchildren a pleasant place in which to develop as people in a complete way.

Once you have changed your own being, you will achieve surprising success, that is, the attitude held towards you by those around you. If you are a good person, lovable, polite, understanding and affectionate, step by step you will transform your closest environment..

Once you have transformed the context around you into a more pleasant place to live, you will notice a further result. The people around you will have been infected by your affection, goodness and your action towards good. You will see how, slowly, they too will try to change. So, over time, their environment will also become a lovely and charming place to live.

"He who can change his thoughts can change his destiny."

-Stephen Crane-

Be the key to change

Imagine yourself as a stone falling into the waters of a lake. Consider yourself a person who believes in himself, who has enormous self-love and a lot to offer to those he loves and who love him back. Meditate and consider yourself that humble tool of change that can transform your environment, with patience, kindness and affection.

Don't expect great results immediately. Don't expect to achieve more than you can dream of. Be the engine of the creation of that first and smallest wave that is generated on the water when a stone falls in the middle of a lake.

After, all you have to do is observe with enthusiasm how that wave has generated others, ever larger, able to go farther to transform everything they touch, to make the world a pleasant place, full of kindness, love, happiness and goodness.

Remember never to stay on the surface, philosophizing about what could have been but wasn't. Be an engine of change, because as humans we have this power. Our commitment, our mentality and the ability to dream and to be better have no limits. Let's take advantage of it.

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