Personal strengths: Shine from within

Personal strengths: Shine from within

The first step to shine with your own light is to recognize your strengths. Do you know what yours are?

Personal strengths: Shine from within

Last update: April 02, 2021

Sometimes we are so focused on what is happening around us that we forget that we are the only protagonists of our history. To recognize our true value, we must first of all learn to identify and work on our strengths personal.

Knowing your abilities and learning to express them at their best is essential for living well. Each of us is endowed with strengths that he can apply in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual spheres. The benefits will be immense in several respects.

It depends on this capacity of ours the meaning we give to our life, the amount of positive emotions and relationships we have, the quality of our objectives and our goals. All of this together represents the map of our reality, our moods and the perception of satisfaction that life gives us. Working on your personal strengths allows you to expand this network and grow.

Expand our lives

Some studies confirm that techniques focus on recognizing one's strengths and correcting one's deficits positively affects the level of self-esteem, self-concept, goal achievement, on resilience and even physical health.

There is no doubt: the strength of a person's character is the right way to achieve positive goals, summarized in what, after all, each of us aspires to: the perception of well-being.

As humans we tend to follow a pattern of thought that leads us to feel more affected by negative events than the positive ones. We do it automatically: negative emotions and experiences haunt us in an almost cruel way.

Striving to consolidate your strengths helps balance this equation. Negative experiences are inevitable in the course of life; on the contrary, they are necessary as they allow us to learn, to find new motivation and to implement different strategies. All this contributes to making us grow.

Changing the face of the negative

In no case do negative experiences lived define who we are. It is our personal strengths that can guide us in overcoming difficulties, reminding us that we have all the skills to face even the most difficult situations.

Working on your personal strength helps us to manage and control critical situations. These are techniques closely related to stress management, capable of strengthening our defenses at the expense of depression.

Where to start to identify personal strengths?

Being able to count on this inner strength gives us the necessary security to tolerate uncertainties or risks much better. But where to start?

The past is always a good starting point, wondering how we have overcome old obstacles. Analyzing the alternatives that lie ahead of us is also fundamental; many times we can take different paths to reach a single goal, but only one is better suited to our personal strength.

On the other hand, it is important to clarify the difference between strength and talent. From an etymological point of view, talent is an innate predisposition, while strength depends on relaxation and learning.

The 24 personal strengths according to Seligman

Martin Seligman offers us an inventory of personal strengths with the VIA Inventory of Strength, which measures the degree of each of the 24 strengths, organized according to 6 virtues or categories:

  • Wisdom and knowledge: it contemplates strengths such as creativity, curiosity, open-mindedness, the desire to learn and perspective.
  • Courage: the characteristics linked to the achievement of goals, such as value, persistence, integrity and vitality.
  • Humanity: includes concepts such as love, kindness and social intelligence.
  • Justice: are the purely civilian strengths, such as civic sense, justice and leadership.
  • Moderation: it protects us against excesses, such as forgiveness or compassion, humility and modesty, prudence, discretion and self-regulation.
  • Transcendence: are the characteristics that give meaning to life, including an appreciation of beauty, excellence, gratitude, a sense of humor, hope and spirituality.

Each of us has five strengths that characterize it. The purpose of Seligman's cataloging is to help us analyze our strengths to recognize them first, and then develop and amplify them. Our own happiness will depend on this as well as the ability to shine with our own light.

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