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    Personal Growth: Top 10 Podcasts

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    The podcasts not to be missed if you are a self-improvement enthusiast or… just want to listen to something interesting on your iPod.

    Do you know why I bought my first iPod (assuming you care)? Why is it a cool object ?! Perhaps. Why is it practical and easy to use? Yes why not. But the real reason I bought my first Apple player is another: i podcast.

    And what are these podcasti ?! Podcasts are free audio (or video) files in installments, covering hundreds of different topics: there are podcasts on finance, comic podcasts, podcasts with real lessons from the most important universities in the world and ... there are personal growth podcasts.

    But why should you listen to a personal growth podcast?

    • To make the most of yours dead times. By listening to these little audiobooks, you can turn a mail queue into a moment of learning and personal development.
    • To learn a new language. Most personal growth podcasts are in English (won't you tell me you've already given up ?!). Listening to them daily, in addition to enriching your knowledge, allows you to improve your ability to listen to the English language.
    • To find the daily motivation. Most of our daily motivation is related to the first actions we take as soon as we wake up. Starting the day with a motivating podcast can be the key to tackling daily challenges.

    Did I manage to convince you? Here you are then i 10 best podcasts for your personal growth:

    1. Robin Sharma’s podcast. Robin Sharma is one of the most prolific authors of personal growth and is particularly known for his book “The monk who sold his Ferrari” (don't worry, it's not an affiliate link: write down the title and buy it at the bookstore ;-)). His podcast hasn't been updated lately, but I recommend that you listen to all 35 episodes released so far. You can find more material on Robin Sharma's official website.
    2. Steve Pavlina's podcast. I think Steve Pavlina needs no introduction: he is simply the best known personal growth blogger. In the audio section of his site, you can find his podcasts on goal achievement, entrepreneurship, and everything related to personal development.
    3. Personal Growth podcast. In this personal growth podcast, you'll find excerpts from the most popular self-help books. The quality of the files is excellent, plus you can find inspiration to enrich your personal growth library.
    4. 8Quotes – Motivational Quote Podcast. Are you looking for inspiring phrases, aphorisms and quotes to start your day? 8Quotes regularly publishes aphorisms and phrases about motivation to give your mornings the right sprint.
    5. Podcast for Running. Exercise is one of the keys to personal improvement. With this podcast from Robert Ullrey you can complete a beginner's running program, which allows you to go from 0 to 5km in 9 weeks.
    6. Learn to Meditate – Meditation Podcast. Learning to meditate has long been on my “maybe / someday” list. Find helpful tips for learning to meditate in this Australian Meditation Society podcast.
    7. Daily Power Nap. Siesta / napping / napping is one of the best techniques to improve the quality of your sleep by getting less sleep. Thanks to Daily Power Nap, every day, you can rest "quickly", with the sounds of nature, classical music or electronic compositions, accompanied by a relaxing voice that will guide you towards sleep.
    8. Harvard Business IdeaCast. Personal growth is also made up of professional growth. In this Harvard Business Review podcast you can find the latest news from the business world and… beyond.
    9. The McKinsey Quarterly Podcasts. One more podcast for your career. McKinsey & Co. is one of the most prestigious strategic consulting firms: in the McKinsey Quarterly Podcasts you can find the most innovative ideas on management and the business world.
    10. Talent Bay. Talent Bay is a podcast not to be missed. This is the Talent Bay site, you can also find it on iTunes.

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