Personal Growth: how to get the most benefit

Even if I'm not great
admirer of personal growth programs, especially those that
they claim to be “the perfect secret to…” or the “infallible technique for…”;
it is certain that this type of literature is increasingly widespread and its followers are
constantly increasing. Everyone is pleased to believe
that there is a magic formula to achieve success or that by following a series of steps you can
get what we want. For this, when we buy one of these
personal growth manuals we are actually buying a hope. Anyway, this is not
it means that personal growth programs do not help change but
they must be applied with the right attitude. If you have proposed to
follow any of these programs, you need to stick to it
mind some ideas:-
Create the habit that favors personal growth
best way to change your life is not to win
lottery but rather change your habits. It is useless to have the goal
to improve if we do not put our hand to work. Read the books there
they provide ideas and methods for growth, understand these methods as well
perfect and not applying them is the same as doing nothing or even much more
dangerous, as it can trigger a deep sense of guilt and lead to
depression. Better to spend just a few minutes a day to change
something or trying to apply a technique by making it happen
turn into a habit.
: if we start a personal growth program but not
we firmly believe that it is effective, so it is best to leave it alone.
The power of the placebo effect is undeniable, firmly believe in power
of the techniques we are going to apply can increase in such a way
the benefits that can be obtained are significant. In the end, the decisive engine
it will be our belief; if we are not convinced that we can change anyone
program or book can do it for us.
Don't overdo it
: there are thousands of programs and books that
propose some truly "original" techniques (to use a tender adjective),
such as: remembering a 200-page book or how to make money
of six-figure money. Of course, unless you're a financial genius
or that you have a brilliant idea to patent, it will be very difficult to do
a lot of money in such a short time. And then… what's the point of memorizing a book
of 200 pages - The various gurus of growth
staff continually propose examples of unrealistic goals that tempt us,
so that we don't even question them. One must learn to appreciate
small victories and above all, learning to plan and achieve goals
Read less and apply more
: in everyday reality, after having
learned the basic steps of personal growth, it remains only to apply them e
experience them. The fact that new books or programs arise in this field does not
implies that they are better or more modern (these are the same techniques
centuries old). The important thing is that once you find your own
path you begin to change.
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