Persimmon apple: properties, benefits and how to eat them

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Il khaki, also called kaki or sometimes locally lotus (Diospyros kaki), is a very precious plant of Chinese origin.

Produces tasty fruits during the winter, when it loses its leaves and remains decorated with curious orange fruits - not, as is sometimes believed, color khaki, which instead is a brown-beige like some Indian soils (khaki means “soil” in Sanskrit).

There is a particular variety called persimmon apple or vanilla persimmon, different from the others for a peculiar and unmistakable characteristic.

Let's see the benefits and properties of apple persimmon.


Persimmon apple: benefits and properties

We are talking about a very nutritious fruit, rich in mineral salts, various vitamins and phytonutrients.

Three of the most present vitamins are the betacarotene and zeaxanthina, both belonging to the group of vitamins A, responsible among other things for the orange color; however, vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin B3 are more represented, which give the apple persimmon a consistent antioxidant power.

As far as mineral salts are concerned, potassium is undoubtedly in first place, followed by phosphorus, calico, manganese and traces of zinc.

We translate all this into nutritional properties: the apple persimmon shares the antioxidant quality with many other fruit, capable of reducing the aging and degenerative processes; in fact there are antioxidants such as ascorbic acid, betulinic acid, various catechins and gallocatechins

The relevant amount of good dietary fiber makes it a great fruit for anyone who wants lose weight: fiber gives a sense of satiety and in combination with the low calorie and fat intake it is perfect for this purpose; also, the sugary flavor reduces cravings for sweet foods.

Finally, the apple persimmon promotes digestive processes and supports vision and retinal health in general.


The top fruit persimmon of November: here's how to eat it


The characteristics of the apple persimmon

What makes apple persimmons different from other persimmons? All the best known persimmon varieties have to go through a process known as amalgamation, a form of slow maturation which makes the pulp soft and gelatinous, unlike the previous state where it was solid and compact. This feature makes persimmon a fruit too impractical: it is so soft that it cannot be carried around, like an apple, in your backpack or bag… we will make a jam.

Furthermore, this type of process, also shared by other fruits such as medlars, causes that persimmon becomes palatable only when the pulp is totally gelatinous, which some people take badly.

Previously, when the fruit is still firm and not completely colored, it literally is inedible because of the tannin content extremely high which makes it allappante.

The peculiar feature of the persimmon apple is the crunchiness: this is thesingle persimmon that becomes edible staying hard and being able to be eaten in bites like an ordinary apple.

Le dimensions generally they are slightly larger than normal cachsi, the color is Orange clear, the peel is shiny and the flavor has a particularly high degree of sweetness (not for neinte it is called persimmon vanilla) but not too intense as it happens for the other varieties.


Plant an apple persimmon

In el country we are lucky enough to be able to plant easily persimmon trees. If we buy a large enough plant in the garden, say a two year old sapling, with a relatively low cost, within another 2 or 3 years it will be able to start producing its first fruits.

In the case of common persimmons, these will have to be picked while still unripe and stored safely for amplement, while with persimmon vanilla it is possible to let the fruit ripen on the branch, take it and enjoy it.

The tree is long-lived, resistant to frosts, even if the fruits can fall if blown in strong wind and fear the pecks of the birds. The fruit is produced from mid-October throughout the winter.


Persimmon and November fruit



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