Perfect love: giving trust, offering responsibility

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The day before yesterday I discovered a wonderful thing. A real life lesson.

My family and I live practically in the middle of a forest and my dad has been working for as long as I can remember to make the environment welcoming by modeling it with passion.

Continuity and patience, commitment and care are the right words to describe what it takes.

You can see the love that is inside this meticulous and patient work.

We agreed that I would help him do some work outside and he asked me for advice on what to do between different options.

This is not a trivial matter because several rather detailed and in-depth assessments are required to decide.

It 's rare that he asks me what to do and usually I just let him choose in a rather disinterested way and do as he says by putting the manual part.

Today, however, his gaze was bright and full of hope.

There was something different from other times.

My dad is no longer the young man he used to be, he understands that, and all that wonder he built with so much love is becoming more and more challenging to manage.

He won't be able to do it forever! Who will continue? Who will keep alive his creature to whom he has given so much love?

His heart cries to see the risk that all this good things may vanish when he can no longer manage it.

He was giving me confidence, immense confidence. He was asking me to take responsibility for helping him.

Eyes lit with hope ...


Perfect love = trust

Give trust means open, make yourself vulnerable, run the risk to entrust something very personal. To trust means to love.

And my dad was passing me one of the most important inheritances so that he could continue to live, he was passing the baton to me.

If you think about it, keeping your own creations alive is what has allowed us to progress in many things in history. It is the life that is handed down. It is our contribution to the world.

The day before yesterday I had to take responsibility who entered into a covenant of eternity.

I immediately understood what I was getting into, but his was not a request, it was a gift! When I realized it I felt invaded by deep gratitude.

Giving my contribution by continuing what my dad was entrusting to me meant giving him Love. I couldn't, I didn't want to back out!

For my part, I was giving in my turn, not only the commitment to carry on all this, but also something more imminent.

I was giving him a further chance to love by teaching me from now on everything necessary to learn and improve myself, to give myself all his experience.

What have I learned?

Se dai confidence, people feel you believe in them, if you trust them they are willing and ad assume responsibility that otherwise would not take. And the joy that comes from give your own contribution whoever trusts you is one exchange of love where each contributes to improve the other.

It takes nothing away, but only from.

It is the perfect form of love.

Yesterday I got to help a friend correct a mistake by putting this wonderful lesson into practice.

I knew he was wrong, but if I scolded him he would feel attacked, he probably wouldn't listen to me and maybe he would even react negatively.

So I decided to get involved in the first person by asking him to teach me what he was doing.

I trusted him by asking for his help and he gladly took responsibility for reviewing what he was doing to teach me the best thing. And guess what? He corrected the mistake without me even pointing it out to him.

So I allowed him to improve by making him correct the mistake and he improved me by teaching me what he knew.

We are all inclined to take responsibility if this is to help someone, to allow them to improve. In return we receive the most beautiful things that cannot be bought in any way.

We receive trust and gratitude, we receive love.

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