Perception: The dartboard disc looks larger after hitting the mark

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Under the sign perception it is less faithful than we are willing to accept.
This is a reality that has been proven by the latest studies carried out in the field
of psychology.

When it comes to darts, it's obvious
that while the bigger they are the easier it will be to hit the center of the disco of tirassegno. However, what if ours
perception changed and we saw the center of the dartboard larger than it
isn't it actually? James comes to explain this phenomenon
Gibson, who states that the way we use our bodies for
interacting with the surrounding environment affects our perception. Yes
knows how the Affordance Theory,
a term that refers to the opportunities for action we have in a
certain environment. Following this line of reasoning i
researchers from the National University of South Korea, have devised a
very interesting experiment. They asked 9 professional archers to shoot
their arrows against a disc with five concentric circles located at 50
meters away. After shooting each arrow, the
archers had to immediately turn their heads to the other side so as not to see
the path of the same. After each arrow hit the disc, this one
it was removed so that archers didn't know when and how much they were
went close to the center. The most interesting thing was that after
each throw, the archers had to indicate in a notebook the size of the
central circle of the disc, which ranged from 10 mm in diameter to 27 mm. The
curious was that, even if the archers could not know how close to the
center had gone with the arrow, the size they indicated
corresponded exactly to their launch. That is, after throwing the
arrow successfully, the center was perceived as larger. Researchers think archers are
able to know how close to the center an arrow has gone depending
from the retro power that their body offers them. In other words, thank you
to especially physical experience, shooters perceive more or less
close to the center is every arrow gone. The more the shot was good, the more so
the center of the disc will be perceived large. These results follow the same line
of research undertaken by researchers at the universities of Purdue and the
Virgina, according to whom, the best professional golf players
they perceive holes as larger than amateurs. With both results in mind, I believe
that the change in perception does not depend so much on the body but rather
from our mind. That is, our body can give us the retro power of the
shooting but it is the mind where this idea is inserted and where we realize
all matching calculations. In the end, if a goal turns out to be easy for us to
to achieve, it will seem bigger to us but if we think it is difficult, we will see it
in its actual size or even smaller. This change of
perception can be highlighted both before and after the shot. Basically, yes
would deal with the same idea that applies to phobias: when we are afraid of
a spider, we perceive it as larger than it actually is.
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