Peas, allies against colitis and constipation

Peas, allies against colitis and constipation

I peas they are our allies for various reasons. Good, also appreciated by children, cholesterol-free and with a good share of vegetable proteins. In general, it would be a good idea introduce legumes into our diet several times a week, gradually accustoming the body to their assimilation without… unpleasant side effects.

In this journey of "approaching legumes", you can starting with peas, for example, for their excellent flavor and versatility in the kitchen, but also for their numerous beneficial properties.

Choose them fresh, preferably, to fully enjoy their nutritional benefits.

Colitis and constipation these are very frequent ailments and - who would have thought - peas can help us. Are peas new allies against colitis and constipation? Let's see it together.


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Peas, allies against colitis

Legumes are always very scary in case of colitis.

We make a distinction: what it causes flatulence and aggravates symptoms of acute colitis is lpeel of legumes.

For this reason it is advisable to cook peas - and legumes in general - together with del sodium bicarbonate or with alga Kombu, which make the skins softer and therefore better digestible. This is our way bowel will have a lesser workload "To be disposed of".

Against flatulence, which is harmful in case of colitis and instead possible if legumes are consumed, it is also advisable to prefer peeled qualities, with a much easier peel it knows how to assimilate.

I piselli, in the non-acute phase of colitis, there will be allies if we take them in these forms


> Peas gave, which contain a lot of water and have a better digestible skin.
> Peas fresh harvested between April and May: in fact in this period the peas still have a delicate and easy to assimilate casing, which will become more leathery over time. From late May to June, the pods and peels of the peas will become thicker and more fibrous.
> Pea flour - where the peel has been completely ground and "rendered harmless" - to be added as a thickener in soups or vegetable sauces
> Pea paste, Made of 100% pea flour


Peas, allies against constipation

Consuming an adequate amount of vegetable fibres turns into a great ally against the stipsi.

In case of constipation it is always recommended to drink a lot, 1,5-2 liters of water per day, and especially when consuming foods rich in fiber: water will be essential for favor and promote transit.

Specifically, i fresh peas they contain about 6-7 grams of fiber per 100 grams. This is insoluble fiber, which works like "Scavenger" for our intestines. La insoluble fiber in fact it helps the physical removal of waste and facilitates the cleaning of the intestine just like a comb or a broom.

Consuming peas, rich in fiber, will help against constipation: consequently the chances of intestinal inflammation and infections will decrease.

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