Pear sorbet, the recipe

Pear sorbet, the recipe

Pears, delights rich in minerals

Pears ripen on trees practically every month of the year and, in addition to eating them fresh as they are and enjoying them in splendid summer salads, they can also be used to prepare excellent jam for the winter and fantastic risottos.

With those matured to perfection, you can prepare some fresh sorbets to brighten up the hot August afternoons

Pears are important foods for the organism: rich in minerals, in particular calcium and boron, they are allies in the prevention and fight against osteoporosis, and, thanks to boron, they help tone the brain, improving the alertness.

Here to follow some ideas to prepare a delicious and simple pear sorbet


Pear sorbet basic recipe

Ingredients 4 people to

> 4 ripe Williams pears;
> 150 ml of water;
> a tablespoon of lemon juice;
> 8 tablespoons of powdered sugar.


Clean, peel and cut the pears into small pieces and put them in a saucepan; pour the water and add the sugar, stir and cook for about 10 minutes, simmering slowly.

Leave to cool, then blend everything. Transfer the mixture to an airtight bowl e place in the freezer for half an hour.

Extract and mix. Continue like this for 4 more times, before serving after at least 2 hours. 

To make appreciate this delicate sorbet also for children, you can put the mixture to freeze in the molds to make popsicles.

While for one even faster version of the sorbet alla pera you can also put the pieces of pear to freeze the day before sprinkled with lemon juice, and then blend them with the hand blender at the time and if necessary!


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Aromatic notes for the pear sorbet

This basic recipe can also be varied, lightly flavored with cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, cardamom or even rosemary during cooking.

There are those who do not disdain alcohol in combination with pear: just think that in Normandy this sorbet is known as "trou normand", in fact in the center they dig a hole where they put the local brandy.

And it was just a Sicilian, coincidentally, a bring to Paris at the end of the 600s the fashion of sorbet and "frozen waters". 

Curiosity: i "Historical notebooks" ofAccademia el paesena di Gastronomia e Gastrosofia they tell us that, according to some scholars, the term "sorbet" it derives from the Arabic word "sherbeth" (fresh drink), while, according to others, from the Turkish word "sharber" (to sip).
There is still the Latin verb "sorbeo-es-sorbui" (to sip or to suck). In any case it would appear that the name sorbet was adopted in the Middle Ages as onomatopoeic of sound made for sucking on fresh fruit drinks.


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