Pasta and beans: 10 recipes and variations for all tastes

La pasta and beans it is a typical dish of peasant cuisine. You can rediscover it as a really cheap preparation for your winter dinners. Each region has its own variations for the preparation of pasta and beans and in almost every family there is at least one secret trick to prepare it at its best.

Some recipes to prepare pasta and beans at home include lard, bacon or ham. These ingredients can be omitted to obtain a lighter pasta and beans which are also suitable for those who are vegetarians or vegans or who prefer to reduce their consumption of meat. Other regional recipes of pasta and beans are exclusively plant based.

make beans more digestible, you can add a few bay leaves or sage leaves to the cooking broth of your pasta and beans, as tradition suggests. We have selected for you different recipes to prepare pasta and beans that are suitable for everyone, even vegetarians and vegans. People with celiac disease can replace the common pasta with gluten-free pasta. You can add these dishes to your collection of vegetarian recipes and vegan.

Here 10 recipes and variations to prepare pasta and beans at home.


Pasta and beans with tomato sauce

: Vale's easy vegan recipes

To make your pasta and beans even tastier, you can add a few tablespoons of to the vegetable broth you will use for cooking tomato puree. Garnish each plate with fresh parsley. THU recipe.

Pasta and beans with fresh wholemeal pasta

: A vegan appetite

Who likes to prepare the fresh homemade pasta can experiment with a very interesting variant of pasta and beans, based on homemade wholemeal pasta. This recipe suggests adding a small piece of kombu seaweed to make the beans more digestible. THU all instructions.

Pasta and beans with potatoes

: Chef Blog

You can prepare this pasta and beans starting from fresh or dried beans. To enrich this dish, the potatoes, to which you can add fresh tomatoes, celery, carrots and rosemary. THU the recipe to follow.

Pasta and beans with cabbage

: Without losing tenderness

Get inspired by this recipe from pasta and cannellini beans with cabbage to prepare a variant of the traditional pasta and beans. In fact, you can add cabbage cut into strips to the original recipe for pasta and beans. THU the recipe from which to draw inspiration.

Grandma's pasta and beans

: The African lair

Remember that to prepare the broth for your pasta and beans you can use seasonal vegetables or homemade cube. Another tip is to use gods already boiled pinto beans. THU the complete recipe.

Pasta and beans with cream nut

: Sara Canneva

In addition to the instructions for preparing pasta and beans at home, in the recipes we have selected for you you will also find instructions for making the homemade cream to be kept in a jar. So you no longer have to buy the packaged nut. Here is the recipe to follow.

Fresh pasta and beans

: The garlic clove

Save this recipe for when you have fresh beans available, so you can enjoy your pasta and beans to the fullest. In any case, all versions of pasta and beans can be prepared with either fresh beans than with dried beans. For dry beans, however, they will need to be soaked and cooking times will be longer. THU the recipe to follow.

Pasta and black beans

: Other market

A very interesting variant to prepare pasta and beans involves using black beans in place of borlotti beans or cannellini beans. Enrich this recipe with bay leaf, rosemary and chili powder. THU all instructions.

Tuscan-style pasta and beans

: Fine dining lovers

To prepare the Tuscan-style pasta and beans among other things you will need: beans, onion, celery, rosemary, tomato, sage, carrots, extra virgin olive oil and a good homemade vegetable broth. THU the recipe to follow.

Neapolitan-style pasta and beans

: Cook Around

Among the ingredients to prepare the Neapolitan-style pasta and beans you will need: mixed pasta, white beans, oregano, spicy red pepper garlic, celery, tomato paste and extra virgin olive oil. THU the complete recipe.

: Mi Garba

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