Participating in a competition: useful strategies

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Participating in a competition: useful strategies

Studying for a public competition is a decision that brings many changes. This is such a serious bet that you have to reorganize your life around it. The success of the enterprise will depend on many factors, such as intelligence, disposition and the will of mind.

Last update: December 09, 2021

The life of those who prepare to participate in a public competition is a path of resistance. When you make such a decision, your lifestyle changes as many variables come into play.

It is not easy for anyone to let go of their social habits for a period of time, put their partner in the background, spend less time with their family, and have free time.

In short, people who decide to take an exam to win a public competition change their priorities and concentrate a large part of their resources on studying in the hope of job stability.

Once the picture has been defined, the tools must be found to make everything more enjoyable, more liveable and less anxious. How to help someone preparing for a public competition? How can we do our part? In this article, we explain three simple strategies that can help.

Participating in a competition: what aspects to consider

Motivation is decisive in those who study for a competition

Many of us will surely have linked the life of those preparing to participate in a competition with motivation. But what is motivation?

Piaget states: “motivation is the will to learn, understood as an interest in absorbing and learning everything about one's environment”. So we can say, according to Piaget's theory, that learning is associated with motivation.

In turn, José Carlos Núñez conducted an analysis on how motivation influences the acquisition of learning; he states that the level of motivation affects the way we learn and we generate thoughts in the face of evaluation.

"Preparing for a competition is much more than studying, it's a lifestyle in which acquiring that learning becomes the only priority."

The state of mind is fundamental

We cannot ignore that "the state of mind is fundamental to be maintaining attention and acting," says Ignacio Fernández, a psychologist at the University Psychology Clinic of the Complutense University of Madrid. A healthy state of mind is a valuable resource for motivation.

Perseverance, the enormous effort day after day

Chus Feijoo, lecturer at the Vigo Academy, assures that “showing an exclusive dedication, being rigorous with the times and, above all, showing that you are constant and persevering, are essential to obtain the position”.

Consistency and perseverance are essential requirements to win the contest, especially taking into account the stiff competition of today's days.

"Genius is made up of 1% talent and 99% hard work."

-Albert Einstein-

How to help those who are preparing for a competition?

Extra dose of patience

The life of those preparing to participate in a public competition can be emotionally unstable, as Pilu Hernández assures us: "The mood goes through ups and downs and there will be times when you won't be able to hold back." In short, we become more sensitive and more irritable.

Whoever is close to the person preparing to enter a competition must ensure stability. In many cases, you need to have an extra dose of patience and regular communication.

Support is essential for entering a contest

Anna Cadafalch, director of the ACM PsicĂłlogos clinic, says that "social relationships are a key element to foster positive emotions, to promote self-esteem and to have the perception of social support, which is a key element for better performance during public competitions ".

Anyone preparing to enter a public competition must maintain an active social life, as isolation is not good for the mind.

For this reason, offer support to the person you are preparing for the contest for encourage her to maintain contact with the people around her it's a way to help her achieve her goal. Likewise, the support of friends and relatives lends a hand during delicate moments.

Respect the hours of study

Those preparing for an exam have a schedule to follow, with habits that many times others don't understand. Especially during the first few weeks, when the person experiences different forms of organization, until you find the best one for yourself.

This organization, with very specific limits, has its own rules that differ from the rest. Thus, the person studying will try to protect the commitment he has made to himself.

A commitment that at times others may not understand, forget, or make proposals that are incompatible with the study time.

In this sense, people preparing to participate in a contest need others to protect the target along with them, helping them to comply with established schedules.


It is clear that competitions are like competitions, objectives that require great sacrifices and efforts. It is a bet in which success depends on the protagonist, but also by those around him and the environment. In both cases, the role we play is important in both cases.

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